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I was lucky enough to receive a collection of Billy Jealousy grooming supplies after trying out their shampoo and conditioner a couple of months back. I have to say that trying them out has been great fun.

Sucker Punch Face Scrub

With the scrubbing power of Tahitian volcanic black sand and crushed Walnut shell, it really packs a wallop. The product utilises neem extract, working as a skin conditioner and gentle, natural cleanser, as well as being packed with the antioxidant powers of white tea, green tea, vitamin E and vitamin C.

The one problem I have with a lot of facial scrubs is that they often just aren’t scrubby enough, I like something fairly abrasive on the occasions I do use a manual physical exfoliator; this however is very scrubby, no doubt about it. Use before shaving and massage into warm damp skin and then rinse off, gently removing dead skin cells that build up and make your shaving experience less smooth, often leading to small cuts on the skin.

Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment

This is awesome. To make sure your shave is as close as possible, it’s important to make sure that your pores are opened, allowing your razor to get closer to the root of the hair. Also making sure that hairs are softened will make the whole process that little bit easier.

Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment is designed to do both these things all with the power of Zeolite, a water activated heating agent. Dimithocone protects and hydrates the skin, whilst Kaolin Clay and Fruit Oils help to condition and smooth the skin. The Orange, Lime and Ginger oils make for a really expensive fragrance that makes this product feel really luxurious.

It feels amazing when you apply it to dampened skin, like a hug for your face. After you’ve applied it, massaging the treatment in, don’t rinse it off, but apply your shaving foam of choice over the top and massage the two products together.

This product really did make for the smoothest ever shave and I did notice my razor glided more easily and removed more hair quicker than without it. If you feel that your shaving regime is missing that extra something, then this really is worth taking a look at.

Shaved Ice After-Shave Balm

This is something really unique in the world of After-Shave balms. Normally, as you may agree, after-shave balms are usually white gel/creams that sometimes can be a little rich, but this, is something completely different.

It comes out as a completely transparent and lightweight gel, and has a high content in Aloe juice which explains it’s appearance and texture. Allantoin, an ingredient I love, is a powerful anti-irritant and soothes even the most provoked skins. Finally peppermint oil is the cooling agent that leaves your skin tingling fresh as well as acting as an anti-inflamatory agent. Again Citrus, Orange, Ginger, Bergamot and Lime oils make for a great fragrance that also actively conditions.

It initially feels a little sticky on the skin but after around 30 seconds it sinks in completely and as you start to move around, the air flow starts to cause a cooling sensation, I love it. It really does sooth itching, irritation and any possible redness, but providing you’ve done the first two steps correctly, you shouldn’t really have these concerns.

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