Firstly – Hurrah! It’s the 200th post. Thank you so much to many many readers and people who have supported Manface this far, here’s to another 200 more.

Here’s a beautiful addition to the Superdry Fragrance Collection – Superdry Blue Cologne is light, breezy fragrance with notes of aqua, top notes of bergamot, pear, clary sage and moss is perfect for a night out or drinks after work.

I’d definitely say this is a more casual scent being light and playful rather than deep and serious. It comes out the box housed in a solid, blue, glass bottle, with a metal, zippo-lighter style cap.

The fragrance does last quite a while, and fades out to a scent reminiscent of freshly washed laundry – clean and soapy. I’m really enjoying it, just with a casual blue shirt and jeans, nothing overly fancy and it really works; calm, clean, refreshing. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

[alert style=”blue”]Superdry Blue Cologne £39 / 75ml at[/alert]

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