Ren Micro Polish Cleanser

Well after getting back from the blistering, Barcelona sun, my skin was looking tanned but feeling grim and a little dull as my thickened epidermis began to dry out slightly. It was time to get my glow back.

Now REN have long since been a producer of potent, effective treatments designed for most skin concerns and types. Lucky was I, that their Radiance range was on hand – particularly, the REN Micro Polish Cleanser.

Locked and loaded with Mexican Papaya, an exfoliant and anti-inflammatory, Glycolic Acid extracted from Pineapple, breaking down the bonds of surface dead skin cells and finally Microbeads of Amber, acting as a powerful physical exfoliator. There’s also Orange, Bergamot, Tangerine, Grape and Lemon oils, which give it a great fragrance as well as brightening benefits.

The Ren Micro Polish Cleanser appears out of the tube with an almost clay / soufflé texture that as you begin to gently press and work into the skin feels like it’s doing the job – don’t go too rough with this. Rarely I find physical exfoliators instantly brighten as well as this. I sat down in front of the mirror once I’d been in the shower after first use and was genuinely and whole-heartedly surprised at how instantly smooth and bright my skin looked.

Make sure you apply a moisturiser almost right away, the reason being, you’ve just exposed all the new skin cells on the top levels of your Stratum Corneum; these fresh and juicy cells will start to expel moisture almost immediately, so protect them.

Ren Micro Polish Cleanser £20/150ml at John Lewis

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