NEW Frederic Malle Hand Soaps

No sink is complete without hand soap and due to my grandmother’s obsession of ‘keeping soaps for best’ that sit there in a box for years, I always get them used and enjoy using them. So it was pretty exiting to get hold of two of the NEW Frederic Malle hand soaps in the post this week.

NuBo Cell Dynamic Cooling Aftershave Moisturiser SPF20

I’ve weirdly only reviewed one NuBo product before, the NuBo Perfectionist pore concealer, but they’re a brand that’s always been on my radar. Founded by Russian-born Marina Shcherbinina, NuBo is a London-gone-global luxury and efficacy driven skincare brand. When I first wrote about NuBo back in 2013, there were very few male-dedicated skincare brands outside of Clarins or Clinique. I feel their voice and greatly advanced offering has become lost in a sea of poorly formulated, trend-pandering garbage. So I reached out to them and the Cell Dynamic Cooling Aftershave Moisturiser is one of their latest launches.

Oh honey, you’ll bee buzzing about this

Bees. BEES! They’re my absolute favourite insect; I have them on jewellery, framed artwork; everywhere – not quite, but verging on an old-lady collecting habit sort of way. Why? Bees are responsible for every one in three bites of food you eat. I was prompted to write this today as the Ceanothus bush outside the entrance to my apartment building was practically vibrating; on inspection, it was covered in an innumerable amount of busy, busy bees.