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Own it! Lisa Rinna Beauty Lip Balm

“You’ve heard a lot about it, but it’s only true when it comes from my lips.”

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Disclaimer: if you do not watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, don’t worry about any references that might fly past you. My love for the show hasn’t tainted my review of this product but being a fan is what led me to want to try it out. Also, the full product name is the Big Stick Energy Lip Enhancer, but I’ll interchangeably refer to it as the Lip Balm because that’s what it is. Let’s get to it.

Who is Lisa Rinna?

Soap star to reality star and everything in between; wife of Harry Hamlin (don’t you talk about him!) Lisa Rinna has become an international household name in recent years for anyone who’s even tentatively enjoyed Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Whilst Lisa Rinna may not be a gay icon of the same magnitude as Cher, Madonna or Liza et al, she’s definitely an A-list mascot for the brand with iconic hair and big lips. Lisa’s wit, charm, and ability to stay relevant alongside her commercial tenaciousness, selling anything from incontinence pants to cardigans, has built her brand.

image 7
Lisa Rinna. Copyright: 2018 Bravo Media, LLC.

Why did Lisa Rinna launch a beauty brand?

In Lisa’s own words,  “I’m known for my lips. They’ve become my signature and the first thing people think about when they hear the name Lisa Rinna” and that they do. Lisa’s controversially big lips, both physically and metaphorically, plus her formidable social media presence were the perfect concoction to launch her beauty brand. To me, it feels natural and was something I was excited to explore.

image 6
Lisa Rinna currently has 3.4 million Instagram followers

Aren’t you a men’s blog? Why are you talking about a lipstick brand?

Firstly, you better believe I’m going to talk about it. I don’t mind supporting ventures of celebrities I’m a fan of, and as a guy, it’s nice to be included. So Lisa Rinna launching a lip balm and making her brand accessible to everyone was a clever move I’d expect from her.

So whist yes, the range is mostly lip colour; this one product, the Big Stick Energy Lip Enhancer, was something I could try, enjoy and recommend.

The Lip Balm arrives in a branded box mailer with zero plastic apart from one small piece of tape.
Inside “Own it!”, is one of Lisa’s best-known catchphrases from RHOBH.

Rinna Beauty Big Stick Energy Lip Enhancer, i.e. The Lip Balm

Naming this the ‘Lip enhancer’ is a great marketing tactic when trying to link sell lipsticks, it makes you feel your lip colour will be enhanced by the enhancer and it’s best used as a package deal. But what it actually is, is a very well-formulated lip balm that stands on its own two feet (two lips?).

Packaged in a hefty, magnetic, but plastic-shelled case, the Lip Enhancer feels nice in hand, and its square edges mean it doesn’t roll off my desk as so many of my beloved balms do.

The squared packaging feels great in the hand and doesn’t roll away!

Lip Balm Formulation

When a product is celebrity endorsed, particularly when your brand relies so heavily on social media, getting the formula wrong is never an option, and Lisa Rinna’s brand is no exception. When I say she, I mean the royal she, I don’t think she’s in a lab coat melting waxes and butters herself.

The formulation feels premium, but off-the-shelf, like it’s come from an Intercos catalogue (SEL beauty in the case of Rinna Beauty). Whilst there may have been tweaks made to the formula, this is definitely sold as an ancillary to the lipsticks and colour products rather than the main feature. So it’s not revolutionary by any means but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great skincare product!

I tell you what, it’s a much nicer and more premium feeling than that greasy, surface-sitting mess from the otherwise excellent skincare library of Augustinus Bader and at 2/3 the price.

As stated on the Rinna Beauty site, all their formulas are certified cruelty free, 100% vegan, no sulfates, no parabens and no phthalates. All nice things to have and protections a celebrity like Lisa needs from the cancel-crazy social media masses. Her life is “too f*****g good for this b******t”.

Full Rinna Beauty Lip Enhancer ingredients explained

Ethylhexyl Palmitate (emollient), Diisostearyl Malate (emollient), Polybutene (binder), Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2 (vegan, moisturising lanolin alternative), Polyethylene (thickener), Ceresin (wax), Menthoxypropanediol (synthetic menthol for cooling effect), Phenoxyethanol (preservative), Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E), Butylene Glycol (skin conditioning agent), Caprylyl Glycol (fatty acid for hydration), Hexylene Glycol (emulsifier and helps seal in moisture), Silica Dimethyl Silylate (smoothing agent), Sodium Hyaluronate (aka Hyaluronic acid, a moisturiser).

Cardboard packaging for the lip balms, no excess, snug fit and recyclable
Bullet shaped lip balm inside the hefty and premium-feel packaging

Rinna Beauty Lip Balm in use. What do I think?

Objectively, I really like it. Lisa’s fabulosity aside, the Rinna Beauty Lip Enhancer is a solid product that stands on its own two feet, with a number of things I specifically enjoy:

What I love about it

  • Stays on for a while
  • Provides a sheen, not a glossy finish
  • Has a lip-tingling menthol
  • Does actually hydrate lips rather than sitting there doing nothing

There are a few things I like but they’re definitely not a deal breaker for my purchase, bordering on nit-picky and this definitely beats many far more premium lip products I’ve tried from more established and heritage brands:

What could be improved

  • A simple fragrance. I prefer zero fragrance for skincare, but for lip balms, I like just something simple like vanilla
  • Swap to recyclable aluminium casing. This would have been preferable only as all other aspects of the delivery were recyclable except the hefty plastic case
  • Bullet shape is annoying. I wish it was a flat end, the bullet shape is super annoying as you can’t put pressure on without feeling like you’re going to dislodge it. Lip balms / lip enhancers don’t need bullet shapes!

On the bullet shape, the reviews also match up with the first one on the review section stating “…the stick broke right at the base the first time I used it making it quite hard to use and keep it clean and neat.” whilst another review states: “My stick is leaning and will prob break soon”. Moving to a flat end will 100% fix this.

Gentle, non-glossy sheen of the hydrating Rinna Beauty lip balm

Conclusion: Would I recommend this?

Yes, absolutely, 100%. My only criticism is the bullet shape, meaning you have to be a tiny bit mindful when applying it, not just press the stick on your lips and be done with it. But that’s it.

The formula feels great, it looks good when on, it nourishes the lips and the slightly tingling menthol effect feels stunning. Then, if you’re a fan of Lisa Rinna and RHOBH, it’s a nice little thing to own that brings you closer to the icon we’ve come to love.

Where to buy Lisa Rinna’s Rinna Beauty Lip Enhancer / Lip Balm

The Rinna Beauty Lip Enhancers are $22 each, about £18.50 at the time of writing and available here directly from Rinna Beauty.

Can you buy Rinna Beauty in the UK?

Yes, you can. Even though all Rinna Beauty products are sold in $USD, they are stocked and distributed in the UK with a $10 delivery (£8.50 roughly). This does feel a bit pricey, particularly as your card provider may also charge a currency conversion fee, but international beauty logistics is not an easy game these days.

I bought two, with the total order coming to £45~ and they arrived within 3 days. So at £22.50 each delivered, I am very happy with my Rinna Beauty Lip Balm and will likely purchase it again.

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