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Molton Brown Sport

I usually disregard most grooming and beauty products labelled ‘sport’ but this new collection from Molton Brown London really pricked my attention, plus in testing it’s a trio of excellent products. The Molton Brown Sport range has only 3 products but they’ve been designed in mind for the on-the-go, sporty gentleman with a muscle relief gel, a trillion-in-one cleanser and a deodorant stick.

Molton Brown Skin Firming Lipoamino Hydrator / Londinium

A good few months back, actually the beginning of easter, I was sent these two fabulous products through from Molton Brown who wanted to give me loads of time to live with the products before deciding if I’d like to write about them before their launch, this week. Needless to say, the products were superb and a warmly welcomed addition to my Molton Brown product collection. Both will launch this Thursday the 17th.

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