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Maybe it’s just me, but it’s been almost an emotional experience to see Lush’s new online presence; it’s like your child growing up. Lush has always been known as “that soap shop” or “that shop you can smell from three streets away” but it’s oh so much more and the new branding of their site and printed publications reflect this perfectly; at last!

Lush Website

It’s just sexy. I’ve taken some of the photos above from the website and I could honestly spend a good hour or so just browsing through the gorgeous images. The products are now presented with swatches so you can see exactly what you’re getting; which makes me realise how pointless photos of packaging are – don’t you think?

Everything has a place, it’s all ordered and filed away correctly. Product ingredients are boasted about to the max with stunning ingredient images, fabulous explanations and passionate descriptions; it really pulls you into the world of Lush Ltd.

Standard delivery is £3.95 and there’s next-day delivery option available for £6.95 (next-day with orders placed before 3pm). For now I’m keeping my eyes peeled on the New Products page for gorgeous new arrivals – there’s some fabulous self-preserving products popping up lately.

Lush Kitchen

OK, so this is cool; even cooler than the super-cool website. Lush have blown open their doors with compounders (magical lush gremlin-folk that create their products) making small batches of newly invented; old favourites and vivacious variations of handmade beauty, grooming and skincare goodies – Welcome to the Lush Kitchen.

There’s something new every day and if you follow Lush on social media, you’ll see loads of insider snaps, Q&A’s and ingredient info about exactly what goes into Lush products. You can find Lush Kitchen on Facebook and Twitter.

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