Moosehead Hard Core Wax / Hard Wearing Fibre

So, Mooshead my old friend, the creators from down under of some fantastic hair styling products. I very recently got to try their Hard Core Wax and Hard Wearing Fibre.

The Hard Core Wax is defined as having a strong hold with a low shine. When trying it, I found that the hold is not that strong but was great for creating a slick back look with great definition that didn’t drop all day. As far as being able to create a lift, like a high quiff for example, it wasn’t the best and it dropped almost immediately. So for this, I’d say great for casual style and texture.

The Hard Wearing Fibre on the other hand is amazing for more heavy duty texture and shape that provides a medium shine. I find this is great for a messy look and you can really play about with your fringe with this to build and mess up some texture. It doesn’t really dry and stays fairly pliable throughout the day. Try not to get too hot or it can just flop, but other than that it lasts all day.

Both are great products and just take a bit of experimenting with, but both give a great finish. You’ve got to check them out

For more information on the Moosehead Hard Core Wax / Hard Wearing Fibre check out Mooshead Online

Harvey Specter
Posted at 05:20 July 15, 2013

whats better to lift up ur fringe?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 08:52 January 30, 2013
The Clubhaus Twit! (@TheClubhaus)

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