Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam

I love, love, love this! If there’s anything I can’t be accused of, it’s not having enough hair. My only problem is, it’s very fine, so what tends to happen when you have an over-abundance of fine hair, it does what the hell it likes. I can style it at 8 in the morning and by 11 it’s in the shape of whatever it damn well wants to naturally be. Anyone with me on this?


Aveda Phomollient 3



So the Aveda Phomollient is an incredibly hi-tech, natural way to keep hair in perfect check, whilst leaving it smooth, unbelievable thick and held in place. It’s like a thickener, mousse and style product all in one. I’ve previously gone on in the past how natural products don’t often tend to float my boat, but when it comes to hair care, the more natural the better, I’m holding onto my locks by hook or by crook and since I was around 16, it’s always been Aveda.

If you’ve seen me about lately (here’s a pic, forgive the tired eyes) or seen my twitter pics, you’ll know I’ve been wearing a fifties brushed back quiff, shaved at the sides with an extra long fringe (it now touches the end of my nose) but swept right back with then part of the fringe brought down to one-side (or sometimes all the way back). I’m not very dramatic when it comes to hair so I like something that doesn’t look like one of the ‘Cartoons‘, remember them? So something I can easily run my fingers through but that holds its shape.

So the Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam is a lightweight liquid that foams through a pump-foam nozzle, you know the kind I mean, and all you have to do is simply run a generous amount (2-3 pumps for guys, or 3-5 pumps for gals with longer hair) through dampened hair. Then get to work. For guys, hair straighteners are very passé, they don’t give you volume and your hair looks dead after a week, it’s all about the blow dry.

Using a fairly decent hairdryer with your concentrator head attached, brush your hair back with a paddle brush and immediately follow by continuous streams of hot air. As the heat starts to dry the hair, the Phomollient starts working. You’ll notice it becomes a little more difficult to brush your hair back as it immediately thickens, and your hair lifts. I also mix in a little of Aveda’s Confixor liquid gel when my hair is semi-dry, this just ensures an even stronger, yet softer-looking hold. Then switch your dryer to ‘cool’ and run through one more time, continually brushing hair back into the desired direction. Using a cool stream sets the product and leaves you ready to go. I’m finding as my hair has lengthened, I don’t need to use a styling product such as a clay or wax, but if your hair is a little shorter, you may want to run a little through just to make sure it stays in place.

What about the ingredients I hear you cry? Oh there’s a whole host of natural lovelies formulated in here. The feature ingredients are burdock root and marshmallow root extract as well as corn, coconut (great for shine), plant fibre and rice bran extracts. The whole formulation is incredible light-weight hence being perfect for my fine hair and is finished off with Aveda’s signature Pure-Fume fragrance; a scent of herbs, plants and natural extracts that just screams nature. Oh I also have to add that a bottle of this seems to last for an absolute age!

If you’re a guy (or girl) that likes hair styling on any level, then this is the absolute perfect base to use, allowing you to create some truly effective shapes and styles, but also if you just want something messy and deconstructed; rest assured your finished style will stay put. You can pick this up here from Aveda directly at just £14. I’ve always preferred to shop direct as the products seem to turn up before I’ve even clicked the order button (ok, maybe a slight over-exaduration but you know what I mean). Enjoy!

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