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Hair Styling, Hanz de Fuko

Hair Styling with Hanz de Fuko The Mini 4 Pack

A no-commitment introduction to a styling brand with great natural credentials

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This isn’t a long article, more of a public service announcement, but I wanted to cover the Hanz de Fuko Mini 4 Pack as I thought it was a novel approach to men’s hair styling.

Many men’s hair brands have a plethora of different pomades, clays, gels, waxes, dry waxes, creams etc. the list goes on. But unless you’re hair stylist or barber uses it, there’s no real way to try and despite my line of work, I don’t think I’m a man on his own when it comes to wasting a fortune on hair products that sounded great and turned out to be a bit naff.

That’s why in the Look Fantastic January sale, one of things that arrived in my goody parcel was the Hanz de Fuko Mini 4 Pack for just £6 (normally £12).

Hanz de Fuko

For anyone not familiar with the brand, Hanz de Fuko are an american brand founded only just over 10 years ago with very green credentials. Their products often storm the grooming blogosphere (that’s a word I’ve not used for a long time) and men’s style and grooming press. Quicksand and Claymation are their biggest sellers and whilst their offering is predominantly styling, they do have some ancillary shampoos, conditioners and body cleansers.

Hanz de Fuko Mini 4 Pack Contents

The Hanz de Fuko Mini 4 pack contains the brand’s best selling hair styling products in 7ml mini-form, which are surprisingly big when you consider how much you need each time you style your hair. Inside there’s:

  • Modify Pomade
    A high-shine styling pomade is for slicked back styles.
  • Claymation
    This is my favourite of theirs, it’s a high-hold hair clay keeps hair well in place
  • Gravity Paste
    According to Hanz de Fuko, Gravity paste is a scientific breakthrough, this smart paste includes properties that only activate after it is rubbed between the hands and applied to the hair. A high-hold, finishing with a low gloss shine.
  • Sponge Wax
    A firm wax with a pliable hold and leaves a matte finish.

The Hanz de Fuko Mini 4 Pack, at the time of writing, is still £6, but even at full RRP of £12 is still a great steel and introduction to the brand.

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