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Hair Styling from Balmain

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Just a brief one, but thought you might like a peak at the Balmain hair styling collection. I’ve pulled 4 products I like from the 6 I’ve been sent. In a nutshell, they’re OK – not amazing – but solid products. I don’t know if I expected more because of the name, or in the same stroke, judged them more harshly because of the name.

The Volume Spray contains Silk Protein and Argan Oil to prevent hair damage whilst using and gives a really strong textured hold. It reminds me a little of the Fudge Big Hair spray.

Space NK UK

Again with Argan Oil and Silk Protein, the matt hair clay is my second favourite; you’ll be hard pressed to find a matte hair clay I don’t like as they’re always my go to for a strong, textured, all-day fix. Annoyingly, as with all the products in the range, the fragrance is a little cheap albeit unobtrusive, which seems like a missed opportunity – it’s to the point of being a dealbreaker though. 

The Matt Hair Paste is a little lighter holding than the clay but still gives great texture but this time a little more flexible – you can run your hand through your hair without getting caught in it. Finally the Pre-Styling Cream complements all the products as a texturiser and holder to be worked into damp hair and then blow-dried through – I’d always recommend a pre-styler; both Neil & Wolf and Aveda also do great ones!

The kit I was looking through is available here from MANKIND, but all Balmain hair styling products are listed here.