LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Pop-Up Shop

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to visit the LUSH Pop-Up Shop in London’s trendy Shoreditch. The gallery is open until summer and features the entire LUSH fragrance wardrobe set in the most fabulously designed gallery, filled with intrigue, quirks, history and inspiration.








I’d been meaning to get down to visit for a while so last week was as good an opportunity as any and luckily I had Sarahjane from LUSH’s press office to take me there as my knowledge of anywhere in London outside Oxford Circus is pretty sketchy.

The store is filled with beautiful style pieces, all sourced from thrift shops, markets and second hand stores. I can only describe it as very LUSH. Now not only will you find the complete array of both LUSH’s new and original Gorilla perfume collection, there’s some new creations plus retro revivals from the days of LUSH’s store, B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful.

The store is just magical and so are the stories behind each of the fragrances. At one point whilst being told the origins of the fragrance ‘Dear John’, I started welling up! The staff here know everything! As well as the fragrance, there’s set of framed posters to be purchased, featuring all the artwork from the new bottles. It’s the little exclusives like this, oh and some gorgeous canvas shopping bags, that just make it more of a treat to visit.

I felt the pop-up shop was a much better setting for these undoubtedly fine fragrances, whereas the stores, filled sometimes with howling kids, loud chat and the aroma of a store’s worth of bath bombs would detract from the delicate sensorial experience. In fact I would love to see this concept rolled out nationwide, away from the big city high streets and in the backstreets of some of our gorgeous towns.

I took away with me ‘The Smell Of Freedom’ which I’ll be reviewing in the next week or so, but I’m certain you’ll absolutely love it!

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