Cloon Keen Atelier Neroli Candle

Cloon Keen Atelier, established in 2002 is Ireland’s premier fine perfumer. With a collection of incredible scents and home fragrance, this really shows quite how luxuriously prestige an artisan brand can be. “Their focus is on expressing a unique point of view through the use of unusual and rare ingredients, which are not commonly used in the mainstream perfume industry, with the true spirit of experimentation and creativity.”


Cloon Keen Atelier Neroli Candle 2

Made in small batches of just 19, Cloon Keen Atelier candles are produced using traditional methods with hand-placed cotton wicks with wax then hand poured over the top. Now it’s not the most even burn I’ve ever experienced, despite re-aligning the cotton wick as suggested, but it still creates a great atmospheric glow and is very long-lasting. You’ll actually get around 60-70 hours burn time out of this which is a long time for a candle of this size.

The Nerli candle is constructed with my favourite fragrance note, orange blossom, mixed amongst zingy mandarin, alluring neroli, Jasmine & fresh-cut lily. It’s a very clean and green fragrance, and even though it’s loaded with citrus, it’s not too sharp or sour.

The story behind Neroli Oil is of the Italian Princess Nerola who was, shall we say, a bit of a ‘goer’ and used the blossom oil from the bitter orange tree to allure men into her boudoir; obviously these were the days before ‘Impulse’!

This has been beautiful to burn during the day, I’ve had it in the living room and the scent throw is wide but gentle enough to simulate a large, fresh bouquet of flowers sat on my coffee table. It gently but distinctively whispers through the whole of the first floor, intensifying as you walk and move the air around you. I cannot convey enough how fresh this is!

If this sounds as tempting as it is, then you can pick it up here from my new favourite fragrance boutique, Les Senteurs. Alternately you can visit them at either Elizabeth Street or Seymour Place in the heart of London.

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