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A new discovery to me and I’ll say it now, these are true fine fragrances. Whatever your preconceptions of LUSH are, these are something else, the weirdest, most bizarre and incessantly addictive scents I’ve ever owned. They stand out as shining examples of true freedom of innovation, breaking all the rules. I cannot stress the quality of these scents in both their structure, ingredients and potency but also to say that a little goes an incredibly long way.

I actually have an interview coming up with Simon Constantine, one half of the Gorilla Perfumers duo, where we’ll discover what is ticking behind his and Mark’s creations but for now, I want to introduce you to some of my favourites. Each has been inspired by an old english folk story, but rather than me telling you it, you should go in-store and have it told to you by one of the LUSH consultants, they’re really good at it! Also there’s a cool little comic book you can pick up too.

Lush Gorilla Fragrance Hellstone


As soon as I opened the bottle, I threw my head back in shock as to what this bottle threw out, a fragrance inspired by the smells of unearthed roots and freshly turned earth. It’s amazing! The scent is comprised of vetivert, cumin and beeswax. Vetivert and cumin are the worst offenders that really smack you with earth and dirt whilst the beezwax oddly softens the concoction. Applied to the skin, it looms, broods and even festers, exuding the most incredibly seductive aroma that I simply cannot stop myself from poking my nose at. Out of all the Gorilla fragrances, this is my undoubted favourite.

Lush Gorilla Fragrance The Bug

The Bug

“Thoughts drift to ominous surveillance cameras…voices whispering in the ears…hidden secret police and anonymous hackers…ideas for a ‘protest perfume’ emerge – a disjointed scent for our times using such unique fragrances as galbanum and black pepper.” Even the site descriptions are superb. I love the darkness of the scent combined with the almost citrus-like qualities of the Elemi Oil. The Bug is sharp, it’s rebellious and wearing it ensures you’ll be under close watch by The Ministry of Truth.

Lush Gorilla Fragrance Sikkim Girls

Sikkim Girls

Let’s soften things off for a moment with the almost soapy scent, Sikkim Girls. Inspired by the world famous sitar player and composer Sheema Mukherjee, Sikkim Girls floods your space with notes of jasmine, tuberose and frangipani. I’m unsure of how well suited this would be to most guys, but I’ve always been a firm believer in that you should wear what fragrances you enjoy, rather than what marketing tells you to enjoy. It’s delicate, but firm and eccentric but grounded; anyone who wears this is definitely out on prowl.

Lush Gorilla Flower's Barrow

Flower’s Barrow

Wild fruits and tea is what leapt out at me from the bottle, with geranium oil, rose absolute, blackcurrant absolute, roman chamomile, sage and thyme. Much softer but in my view but undoubtedly masculine, Flower’s Barrow is calming and gentle and stirs up images of long, winding, country trails. Perfect to be worn for a quiet, intimate evening out with friends or your significant other.

Lush Gorilla Fragrance Devils Nightcap

Devil’s Nightcap

Weird! Although this could describe any one of the Gorilla Fragrances but Hell Stone is one of the weirdest. I love it. With my favourite, orange flower as well as oakmoss absolute, clary sage and ylang ylang, Devil’s Nightcap captures rock, stone, moss and the glories British weather with gentle flurries of gentle, British, wildflower.

If I’ve tempted you into the weird world of Mark and Simon’s Gorilla fragrances, then you can check the rest of the range out here. Stay tuned for more product reviews, interviews and updates surrounding this fab fragrance brand.

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