London Collections Men with Fudge Hair: Tuesday

Tuesday was my second day in attendance at London Men’s Collection, this time at The Old Sorting Office. Fudge was styling hair for both James Long and Christopher Shannon with some really couture and fabulously outrageous looks.

The last photo in the gallery showcases my London Collections Men essentials kit that did me proud over the two days. These should be in any guy’s bag and can turn you from rough to ready in seconds. Sampar Glamour Shot is particularly amazing and is my favourite skin perfecting treatment; instant, immaculate.

James Long

The slick “helmet hair” look was described by it’s stylist, Fudge Creative Director: John Vial, as “Hairodynamic”. Slicked back to the very ends, it’s Lego hair wildness and I feel you really have to have the hairline and head-shape for this look, inspired by Italian cyclewear and the films of avantgarde legend, Kenneth Anger.

To experiment with this look, the fabulous Fudge Hair Gum, Hair Cement and Skyscraper Hairspray were used in abundance to create a flawless and everlasting finish.

Christopher Shannon

Loved this look, again by Fudge Creative Director: John Vial; it was totally glitter-centric, with silver, cobalt and red sparkle.

Inspired by the vibrant aesthetic of the birth of the electric and vibrant super-club scenes of Manchester and Liverpool. Shannon used to hit these club scenes as a kid where using glitter was a fabulous way to stand out on a budget. As I type, I’ve just had a flashback to watching Spice World The Movie at a friends house when I was a young kid and having Glitter Gel put into my hair (gosh the signs were really there weren’t they).

With a brushed through, layered base of Fudge Hair Varnish Shine wax to create a super-sticky base, glitter is carefully layered on, sprayed over with Fudge Glitter Blast and then set with Fudge Membrane Blast to seal it all in. One of the models had afro hair, cropped short with dense curls (pictured above) and even though it looked amazing, I couldn’t help but feel anxious over how difficult it was going to be to get all that glitter out – he’s going to be finding that for days.

What have I learnt?

I have re-discovered how fabulous Fudge haircare is. When I was around 8/9, the brand launched big on the professional circuit and some family friends, who owned a salon in Spain, had started to stock the brand. They used to do this incredible shampoo and conditioner and as a kid, I was obsessed. The brand never changed much after that and seemed to, at one point, completely disappear and in turn I moved on to the likes of L’anza and then Aveda (I’m sure you know what an Aveda super-fan I still am).

Since being taken over by PZ Cussons in the last few years, the brand image and product line seems to have progressed by leaps and bounds. Their brand image is definitely male aligned with grunge, surfer/urban, graffiti styling but without a doubt their products are loved by both men and women alike.

I always trust my hair stylist (@gilling89) and will do so until he ever starts promoting Tressemé or Pantenne Pro V, but Fudge has been a big recommendation of his. In trusting him and the guys at PZ Cussons, Fudge has now definitely entered my product sphere, particularly Skyscraper Hairspray which is, well, there’ll be a review coming soon and you’ll find out.

So, do you have any Fudge favourites or recommendations you can throw my way? If so, drop me a comment below, tweet me or Google+ me because as always I’d love to hear from you.

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