Fudge Big Hair Elevate Styling Powder

Happy New Year! Now, there are quite a few styling powders out there with one of my favourites being the Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion. Welcome to a new favourite however, the Fudge Big Hair Elevate Styling Powder.

The powered has been designed to lift the hair and give it enormous volume and shape; formulated with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to retain moisture, add volume to the hair and improve smoothness.

My favourite Fudge Style Team stylist and actually my own stylist, Tom Gilling (you can see him in this video over on the Fudge site), gave me his super-simple, top tips for application; it really is this easy and effective:

I’d separate the hair and apply at the root to hold shape and volume. Then work it in at the root. I always like to finish off with a paste too.

If, like me, you’re a fan of the quiff, the brush-back, the ducks-arse or the big bed head, this is definitely the styling product for you – it’s just volume in a bottle. I like to work it in after a little style prep foam blow-dried through first and then add this before getting to work with my hardcore styling lotions and potions. Super simple, job done.

Fudge Big Hair Elevate Styling Powder is available for just £11.95 here from Fudge. Remember, a little goes a long way.

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