London Collections Men with Fudge Hair: Monday

Fudge are the proud sponsors of this Summer’s London Collections Men showcasing Spring/Summer 2014. With plenty going on both on stage and throughout the multitude of venues around the city, they’re a hair brand ticking all the right boxes.

Today, Monday, is the first day I spent working closely along-side the brand, blogging, tweeting and snapping both backstage and out front.

Before I get onto styles and looks, it is really important to highlight that when I say “sponsor”, I don’t mean there are one or two products laid out on the hair stylist’s stations laced between other professional brands; I mean that their hair products are being used exclusively. I never expected so much proven performance from Fudge styling!


The first show was Sibling; styled around West Side Story with slick-back quiffs (enhanced with fringe extensions) then tightly corseted at the back in what I was told by the style director Sid Hayes, is called a “Duck’s Arse”; it really does look like one and never mind how I did my research.

The products for Sibling by Sid Hayes were Pump-Up mousse; Hair Gum to create a slick-back, grease effect and then Skyscraper hair spray to give a solid, impenetrable and unmoving hold. I too had been styled with a similar look that morning but with a matte finished; Skyscraper really does give other sprays a run for their money.

Reggie, Tinie and David

Next was Katie Eary’s Flamingo inspired Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Now I can’t continue without mentioning my celebrity moment. I’m sat second row with Fudge, minding my own business when a guy gets up in front, turns to the side and I immediately clock “it’s Reggie Yates!”. Quite content with this experience, I carry on setting up my camera and faffing around. Reggie (first name terms, obviously) starts talking to a guy sat right next to me who I’d not noticed as it was dark and I was very preoccupied. The guy stands up and who’s been sat next to me the whole time but Tinie Tempah! Then if that wasn’t enough, as the two were taking, casual as you like, David Gandy strolls up and sits right in front of me. My knee was 30cm away from his back, which by my standards means that we’re now best friends for life. Needless to say, I hopped over and all three kindly indulged me by posing for a photo.

Katie Eary

Anyway. I loved The Katie Eary collection and whereas I wouldn’t with Sibling, I’d happily wear most of the outfits as they were. Acid pinks, whites, reds and flashes or orange – stunning.

The hair looks came from the mind of Ben Jones and were inspired by the novel Marabou Stork Nights. The concept was a dessert army battalion taking shelter at a rave.

Whereas I’d love to see the hair looks from Sibling ‘as is’, Ben Jones’s looks would need adapting a little before I’d be happy seeing them on the street; however for the show, they couldn’t have been more on point.

Centre-parted, smoothed curtains were blow-dried through with Fudge Hair Gum and Fudge Hir Varnish to give the ultimate slicked down look. This was brushed through to give a combed texture. Tom Gilling [right], award winning stylist, is pictured above with Reece Bullman [left] creating this look. Tom did my hair that morning and actually does my hair regularly; you may recognise him from my Instagram photos.

Fabulous Follicles from Fudge

Great collections and some incredible work coming from not only the Fudge team, but the Fudge products themselves. As well as the back stage work, Fudge also have a few pop-up salons “The Fudge Fix” throughout the venues for press, visitors and the odd model to get a fab cut with full-length appointments and gorgeous styling.

Posted at 22:46 June 18, 2013

Sounds like you had an amazing time Thom! Gutted I couldn’t go this time around. :-(

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