Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Honey Bath

Something I took away with me from the Harvey Nichols Autumn / Winter Press Preview, this just sums up the late summer as we begin to transition into the cooler months. So what is it? Well, I’d say it’s more of a beth melt rather than a traditional bubble bath, giving less foam, but more luxury, with softening shea butter and vanilla extract. The bubbles are plentiful, but not overly abundant.

The smell, my god, just the smell! It’s out of this world! Your mouth waters as you start to take in the rich, sweet honey, enshrouding your senses, softened with the most delicately blended vanilla extract. As you turn the pot around, just like Winnie the Pooh, you’re completely taunted and tempted to just stick your paw into the jar and eat the whole thing. I wouldn’t recommend this however, it may not taste all that nice.

It comes with an authentic, wooden honey dipper, which at first, in all complete honesty, I thought was a bit of a rubbish gimmick – “Oh yeah, a honey product with a honey dipper. How amusing.”. Well, actually it makes total sense. The whole product has been designed to have the consistency of honey and it’s in a glass jar. So there you have it. Just plonk the dipper in, swizzle it around, and then hold it under the tap. I’d say give it 3 or 4 goes to really get the most out of it.

Your skin is left feeling silky soft to the touch and delicately sweet, but not putrid and swamped with the ever so common, aritificial vanilla stench. Sweet Almond Proteins, Hydrolyzed Rice, and Oat Proteins along with Pro-Vitamin B-5 help to condition the skin so it doesn’t gag for a moisturiser as soon as your skin dries off.

Even the biggest men like something sweet in their lives, so let Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Honey Bath be your guilty pleasure. Maybe stick Rambo on in the background whilst you have your bath, balance things out a bit? If you really want to try it, which I can’t imagine you wouldn’t, the best price I found was £31 here at John Lewis. There’s also an accompanying Scrub and Body Butter.

Posted at 15:45 September 10, 2012

This sounds divine! I usually use the Almond coconut milk or the Creme Brulee honey but the vanilla honey sounds delicious. I lost my recent honey dipper during my house move and have resorted to using a plastic spoon which just doesn’t have the same effect.

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