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Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Hydrator

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Hydrator

A new addition to the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel collection, the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Hydrator. In a bright blue pump bottle, this lightweight oil free lotion is perfect for shine-prone combination / oily skin types that need a deep injection of hydration.

It feels very watery as you apply it to the skin and sinks in within seconds, skin is really left mattified but I was genuinely surprised by how comfortable my skin felt, as many de-greasers leave me a little tight and dry. You only need one or two pumps as a little goes a long way. Apply it over the surface of your skin with the flats of your fingers and instead of rubbing the product in completely, leave it on the surface a little and allow your skin to naturally drink it up. I did need to rinse my hands after applying it, but I think that was because instead of taking my own advice, I used a fair bit of it on my first couple of goes.

Your skin will be left feeling plump and moisturised but completely free of shine. The shine control doesn’t last all day, but I did find I got a good 5 or 6 hours from it, but all I needed to do was top it up later in the day, refreshing the surface and reducing the shine. I found that after a couple of days, my face did begin to look a little smoother, but more importantly, feel a little more relaxed and comfortable. So why is this? Let’s have a look at the ingredients.

Firstly, it’s completely artificially fragrance free, oil free and paraben free. The shine and pore reducing effects come in no small part from silica, smoothing out the skin, giving you a clear, glowing surface whilst also reduces oil and excess surface moisture, adding to this product’s wonderful anti-shine effects. The mattifying effects are further enhanced by Zinc, Sodium and Magnesium, powerful oil absorbing minerals.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reduction in shine, but feel that many anti-shine products leave your skin feeling dehydrated and uncomfortable, then this is definitely worth a try. Filled with great natural ingredients whilst being free of many of the main chemical nasties, give it a go. The best price I found for it was at just £21 from John Lewis here.

If you end up trying this or have tried it already, let me know, I’d love to hear your feedback!


  1. Love this stuff, recently bought this!!!! I love Kiehls my skincare is now all Kiehls!

    i get very oily an shiny so this is fab!

    • Convinced this stuff causes pores to become blocked and increases breakouts. Does anyone else have similar experience?

  2. Oh, that sounds very promising! I like Kiehl’s products (love their facial SPF!) but they can have quite a few nasty ingredients sometimes. So it’s nice knowing this one is free from parabens etc! 🙂 I’m a bit ‘scared’ of silica though, because my skin doesn’t always like it, but I’ll ask for a sample next time and see what happens!

    Thank you for the detailed review!

    • It seems with new launches, they’re really making an effort to reduce the nasties and naughties. I think you’ll love it, do let me know though!

  3. By Tonic / Lotion, do you mean an exfoliating astringent or just a toner? Also by ‘face peel’ do you mean a professional chemical face peel (which you definitely can’t do twice a week) or just a peeling mask? I just need to know how often you’re exfoliating.

    But the problem may be by the sounds of it, that if you’re using toning astringent several times a day and using masks 2/3 times a week, you’re stripping the skin and breaking down the moisture barrier and forcing the skin to protect itself by producing more grease/oil. You need to be exfoliating gently and regularly, with either daily chemical exfoliation in the form of an astringent water, or using a physical exfoliator every 2/3 days. By doing this, you speed up skin cell turnover and begin to regulate one of the most important functions of healthy skin.

    On top of that, as well as using products designed to de-grease, you need to be using oil-free hydrators. Excess oiliness can also be a way that the skin compensates for being severely dehydrated. You need a good balance of both oil and water to ensure healthy skin function.

    • I also thought that using a tonic a few times a day may cause excessive secretion of oil so I limited using this a day but a problem wasn’t resolved. anyway, sweaty days are over now;) but I’ll definitely try the product you recommend in this post coz looks promising.
      thanks for your tips!
      waiting for next interesting posts!!!

  4. I have very oily skin, especially during the summer, and I hate it. I tried so many products to reduce it but no one is good enough. I’m still looking for a perfect product so I’ll test it on me:)

    • I understand, I hate being oily too. I definitely suggest giving this a try as it’s also very hydrating. What else have you tried?

      • Many of products I used simply didn’t work at all:( Under20 and Clean&Clear products suck!, completely no effects on me or effect lasts about an hour. Most of products are also for acne and oily skin – I dont have acne, fortunately, so I dont wanna use them for a longer period.
        Last time I tested Oil-Free Acne Wash by Neutrogena and Vichy Normaderm and clay masks (I hope you know what I mean;) And I like the masks the most – my skin is super-soft and really oil-free. I’ve read some Clinique’s products for oily skin are good. Could you recommend something worth?
        the hot summer is over so my skin can rest:)

        • Before recommending a moisturiser, I need to know how often you’re exfoliating, and what with? 🙂

          • during the summer I needed to use a tonic/lotion several times a day to keep my skin fresh. Normally I use a tonic in the morning and evening and do a face peeling twice/3 times a week. Now I’m gonna use clay masks more often coz they do a great job:)
            is it enough?

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