Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo

Now if you read my review of Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Honey Bath, then you may know what an obsession I have with honey and LUSH Fair Trade Honey Soap has only fanned the flames.

This shampoo is part of LUSH’s beautiful new range of hair care, but this has to be my favourite — for all hair types, designed to balance and hydrate and boy, does it!

The first thing you notice is the smell, which at first I thought, “What the hell is that?”. It’s not a displeasing smell, just odd, and when it’s concentrated in the bottle, you really can’t make head nor tail of it. When you get in the shower and lather it into your hair however, it becomes a different story, with an intoxicating fragrance of what I believe smells like Tea with honey and lemon. The fragrance has really grown on me and I love it. There’s actually no lemon in it, but I realised its actually the geranium oil that comes through the strongest, backed up by the citrusy zing of bergamot.

Your hair is left feeling beautifully soft and it reminds me of the condition that LUSH Rehab leaves your hair like. You won’t be able to help but continually run your hands through your hair to amaze yourself with how soft your hair is.

I find this is great to help shift all my layers of pomade, clay and hairspray but unlike other de-gunking shampoos, it doesn’t leave my hair dry and gagging for moisture. I’d definitely recommend trying this out and even the smallest bottle (£7/100ml) should last you an eternity. Here’s a link, so check it out. If you try the or have already tried this then drop me a comment!

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