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LAB SERIES For Men: Do you even lift, bro?

Lab Series MAX LS 1

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I have a strange relationship with LAB SERIES products. Until now, after all this time, I’ve just not been able to get into the brand. A mixture of the fragrance they use in some of their products; their seemingly strange distribution/availability; odd naming conventions with “V MAXIMUM LS X TECH P PRO POWER ULTRA… lip balm”; and finally the a website that seems to ignore so many skin types and concerns. It all just seems overly complicated and like they’re using market survey data from the seventies that says a man will only buy something if it’s sounds like a race car.

However me being miserable aside, the two products I’ve been testing out seem pretty darn on the mark, if you can get past them being described as containing “LS Power V Technology” whatever the hell that is (I actually do know what that is and shall get onto it, but you see my point – complicated!).

LAB SERIES MAX LS Power V Lifting Serum Treatment

This lightweight serum uses a blend of ingredients dubbed LS Power V Technology to deliver moisture deep into the skin’s surface levels whilst a potent blend of reparitive and exfoliating ingredients help increase skin cell turnover and send signals to the skin’s darkest depths to help kick start collagen and elastin production. Lab Series MAX LS 3

This increase in skin health will undoubtedly help to make the skin smoother and seem more lifted; whether it lifts or not is always different from person to person but short of a face lift or very potent cosmetic procedure, this is one of the best you’re going to find on the market. The key ingredients (in both products) are:


Whey Protein, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Jojoba, Glycerin, Trehalose, Lethicin, Murumuru Butter, Almond Oil (Serum), Squaline (Serum).

Reperative and Brightening

Coleus forskohlii extract, Apple, Watermelon, Rosemary, Bamboo, St Paul’s Wart (obviously John was unavailable), Myrtle Extract, Caffeing (Serum), Salicylic Acid (Serum) and finally Cholesterol in the serums, which sounds mad, but actually when applied to the skin helps repair barrier function.


Acetyle Glucosamine, Acetyle Hexapeptide-8, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and Coleus Forskohlii extract.

LAB SERIES MAX LS Power V Lifting Lotion

So many anti-ageing moisturisers are like butter on the skin, seemingly all designed for dryer skin types but even those with oily skin can still wear the signs of ageing. The Lifting Lotion has a very light, watery/lotion texture and sinks into the skin like a snap. Skin is left really bright (but not shiny). Lab Series MAX LS 2

The Lotion contains most of the ingredients listed above, with extra ingredients for moisturising. It’s designed to sit on top of the serum which work hand in hand to hydrate, brighten and lift the skin. Sadly for my dry/combination skin it’s not enough moisture, but for someone who’s oily (which many men are) then you’re right on the money with this one!

Where can I buy them?

The LAB SERIES MAX LS Power V Lifting Lotion is available here from Boots for £54 (currently on a 3 for 2 mix and match in skin care) and the LAB SERIES MAX LS Power V Lifting Serum is also available here from Boots at £52 (also in the 3 for 2 offer).

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