It’s been a while since I’ve been this genuinely excited and actually quite giddy to use a new product range. The range consists of 4 products, a clay facial wash, clay mask, day moisturiser and night moisturiser.

Unlike many so called ‘acne-care’ series, this range has no beaded exfoliating scrub of any kind which made me completely certain of how much these people know skin. They’ve stuck two fingers up to conventional skin care design and using well developed technology and solid research, they’ve created something truly innovative.

So the product testing. Well luckily due to a lot of stress, my skin had rather wonderfully broken out over the last few weeks, something that it hasn’t done in a very long time. I should point out actually, that even the best kept skin can break out in cases of stress / anxiety, its something that will often go as quickly as it comes.

Clarifying Clay Cleanser

The facial cleanser is a clay base, to be massaged into the skin for around 1-2 minutes and then rinsed off. I’ll be honest, after about 30 seconds of massaging, especially on a morning in the shower whilst you’re half asleep, your arms get tired. I found it easier whilst still getting the effects by massaging in 30 seconds – 1 minute and then leaving it on for 30 seconds, and then rinsing.

There are no foaming agents in this wash whatsoever so perfect for the most acne ridden skin that can be so ultra sensitive. This also means that any treatment up to and including the dreaded Isotretinoin family (such as roaccutane), causing extreme dryness and sensitivity, will fare well with this wash. A Salicilin ingredient acts as an effective chemical exfoliator to unblock pores, as exfoliation is excellent for blemishes and acne, just as long as its not by a beaded scrub which can cause damage and scaring in such cases.

The final point here is important to mention. This wash leaves your skin unbelievable hydrated. Everyone knows what I mean when I say that when you’ve washed your face, your skin is pining for some moisturiser pretty sharpish, well this is the first time I’ve experienced this, but not with this facial wash. However, just because its mild, doesn’t mean its any less effective, in fact more so. I will add as well that I still top up my exfoliation with a bit of Clinique Clarifying lotion just because I love how it makes my skin feel.

Clarity Restoring Mask

As all the range does, the mask is designed to reduce skin oil, destroy blemish causing bacteria and stop the build of dead skin cells. The mask contains liquorice which even though their website says is for reducing oil build up, its actually a good skin brightening agent. I found it really reduced the inflammation of my spots which by this point, were on the verge of starting to talk back to me. Again, skin was felt so soft and calm when rinsed off. I know this isn’t a selling point and by no means safe but I accidentally got some in my mouth, it tasted good, just thought you should know.

Total Clarity Day Fluid

OK. This was a weird one. Fluid is definitely the right word to describe it, having a weird smell, weird texture, weird everything, but being fantastic in the process.

When it comes into contact with the skin, it because incredibly slippery, but then it almost immediately sank in and my skin was hydrated, really hydrated, in fact, incredibly hydrated. The smell, well I’m going to be honest, and this might have just been me, but when you apply the product, theres a really weird/strange smell, lasting for about 10 seconds and then seems to disappear as quickly as it came, I don’t know what it was, but I’m sure you’ll see what I mean, it doesn’t make any difference though and its definitely not an artificial fragrance as all the products are free from those nasty little buggers.

Skin feels incredibly hydrated, but because I’m a combination skin rather than an oily (which a normal blemish sufferer would usually tend to be), I needed to top it up by mid day, so I just added a small amount of Clinique Moisture Surge original formulation and it topped me right up.

Replenishing Night Serum

With the wash being my first, this is my second favourite product. It feels really thick and rich when you apply it, like a traditional night cream, except its completely free from oil, but like a night cream should, provides a massive amount of hydration/moisturisation as well as concentrated treatment benefits. It sinks in beautifully and feels very soothing and relaxing, actually very luxury for an acne product which always tend to be gels and quick acting treatments.

All this whilst being dermotalogically tested and approved, being free from any nasties and packed to the brim with state of the art bio-technology. I love the packaging, its very clean, clinical, actually very Japanese. The products are in air pump dispenser, but where as normal air pump dispensers work by containing the product in the tube and being forced up by a plastic plate, REN have added a plastic bag around product meaning the product is truly sealed off, therefore I imagine this is how they’ve been able to get away with using such little preservative agents.

Overall, amazed by such a range of revolutionary and profound products. The fact REN is not in our beauty halls is ludicrous and they have products which clearly wipe the floor with many products currently on the market. This is a company that should be proud of what they’ve created and the amazing ways in which they are able to help people with their concerns.

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