Lab Series MAX LS Overnight Renewal Serum

Well, well, well. This is something different and a welcome addition to the Men’s skin care market.

Tired, dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone, the Lab Series MAX LS Overnight Renewal Serum is something that can really start to kick in as the ageing process starts to take hold, and even though no extreme results can be achieved without the use of a surgeons knife, there is something you can do to make skin look refreshed and balanced, and this is it.

An oil-free serum with a light fragrance that hydrates on contact and by the next morning, skin is left brighter. One of the magic ingredients is our old friend salicylic acid a powerful and useful chemical exfoliant, as well as cell-boosting technology that increases skin cell turnover revealing brighter and in time, smoother skin.

The hydration is pretty immediate, but don’t expect to see the full effectiveness before 28 days use (one full skin cell cycle).

The best price I could fine the Lab Series MAX LS Overnight Renewal Serum was £39/30ml at Boots

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