Share the La Mer this Valentine’s Day: The Lip Balm

Whilst I’m sat here with my massive head cold, wrapped up and sniffling away, I thought what better time to write a quick idea post for Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome.

My lips get dry – reeaally dry – particularly when I’m unwell or in Winter. I’ve always had dry lips and from that, I’ve always been a bit of a picker; often making them sore. Now whilst there are thousands of lip products out there, not a single one of them restores my lips, and actually heals them almost overnight, better than Creme de La Mer’s The Lip Balm.

You can read my full review of the lip balm here from 2013 but I’ve been using it since around 2009/10 and have never not had a pot of it to hand.

You might think it’s a pricey purchase for a lip balm, but firstly it seems to last forever, and secondly the way it feels and treats is like no other. Your lips are left with a gentle healthy sheen (totally acceptable for even the manliest man) and it’s not at all shiny. Finally it tastes and smells a little like After Eights, so you really can’t go wrong!

The La Mer Lip Balm is available here from John Lewis for £45 + £3.50 standard delivery.

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