OK. So here’s one just for us guys with moustaches. Well, not myself because I can’t grow a moustache for toffee, but for those of us who can, I’ve got something pretty special to share with you.

Makeup and prosthetics artist Patt Foad who has worked on films such as Sherlock Holmes, Pirates of The Caribbean, Captain America and many, many others, has designed Foad Wax and Toad Satin Wax, two amazing moustache waxes, perfect for styling and shaping the coolest to the unruliest moustaches. I wanted to know some more about Patt and what lead him to create such products:

Well… Whilst working on Sherlock Holmes 2, he was bugged by the other moustache waxes and styling products out there that were either far too stiff, risking hairs being pulled out, or too soft, which could not be used to achieve a more styled look. After much research and development, his own products were born, first the Foad Wax and then its alternate counterpart, Toad Satin Wax.

As well as some background information, in true Manface style, its all about the ingredients and what makes the product so special. The products contain Jojoba Wax, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and a zesty blend of natural essential oils. They’ve used Jojoba wax as a Vegan alternative to the British Beeswax. Derived from the Jojoba plant seed, Jojoba wax is a natural super moisturiser and smooths out the hair cuticles making them shiny and healthy looking. Castor Oil is a natural humectant drawing moisture into the hair leaving it soft, shiny and strong. The Grapeseed Oil is also a moisturising agent and provides the satin sheen.

Here’s a more comprehensive break down of each product to shed a little light on their distinct differences.

  • Foad Wax is our signature moustache wax, lovingly home made and hand poured. It is naturally coloured by the high presence of Pollen and Propolis in the pure British Beeswax. Foad Wax has a light, herbaceous signature scent derived from our own blend of natural essential oils. Foad Wax is considered to be a ‘medium to firm wax’ and therefore has a medium to strong hold. Because of it’s consistency, I recommend the use of a hairdryer and a moustache comb to obtain optimum distribution. Please note that due to Beeswax being a natural product, a slight colour and consistency difference may occur from batch to batch. 
  • Foad’s Toad Satin Wax is our Vegan pomade style wax suitable for everyday use. It has a loose to medium hold and a satin sheen finish. It can be used alone for groomed, neater facial hair, endowing your face fuzz with a natural flowing look. However it can also be used in conjunction with Foad Wax to aid its distribution, and create your own unique mix and level of hold for a more styled look.

Foad Wax has been used on many film, TV and theatre productions, such as Jack the Giant Killer, Sherlock Holmes 2 reshoots, 47 Ronin, World War Z and now on Les Miserables, and continues to go from strength to strength.

If you fancy trying either of the products, check out the website – Foad Wax. They’re only £4.99 each plus £1 for UK P&P. The site also has loads of tutorials and extra info and is really worth a look. Enjoy!

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