Movember [with VitaMan]

“Remember, remember the month of Movember,

Grow a moustache, a goatie, the lot,

For Male Cancer awareness, a good cause in all fairness,

And should never be forgot.”

So guys, starting from the 1st of November, it’s Movember. For those of you who’ve never heard of this before, it’s a rather wonderful way of raising awareness for male prostate cancer. The aim is, grow out your moustache for one month, however full or pathetic (like mine) it is; it’s all in the name of charity. Then you and some of your wonderful friends can donate some money to the Movember campaign. 1 in 9 men in the UK will be affected by prostate or testicular cancer, the rates are actually highly comparable to those of breast cancer in women. There is also some great info on the NHS website of how to check yourself for these two issues, one is more pleasant than the other as you can imagine.

Overall, Movember raised around £48,500,500 last year worldwide! That’s loads, but this year, it must be even more.

There are many big supporters for this brilliant cause, one of which I want to talk about in my post – Australian cosmetics company VitaMan, a brand I discovered very recently and will post a separate post about their products. VitaMan have created a campaign to raise funds and awareness for the Male Cancer charities, this campaign is rather bloody marvelously and called VitaMo. Bonza! (I’m sorry I couldn’t help it, I thought I could resist).

The VitaMo campaign will be headed up by the Bath rugby team captain David Flatman (for more information, I’ve posted a link at the bottom of this post, please, please, please check it out).

So guys, get growing, you have one last chance for a shave today and then that’s it, keep it growing forever and ever, and if people ask you why you look like a porn star, then you can tell them, it’s all in the aid of Movember, and they should be doing it as well, or at least giving you some of their cash for a well deserving cause; unless you’re an actual porn star, then, erm, still do grow your tash!

Follow the links below to the main campaign page as well as the movember site.

The VitaMo site:

The Official Movember Site for more info and fundraising ideas:

Good Luck

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