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Best Budget Buy: Fudge Urban Iced Coconut Cocktail Hairspray

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If you read Manface, you’ll know that over the last 4 years I’ve become an increasingly huge fan of Fudge hair care and styling products. Their range, Fudge Urban, is an affordable arm of the brand that delivers great products at excellent value.

I bought Fudge Urban Iced Coconut Cocktail Hairspray by chance as I visited a friend in Manchester a few weeks back and through my own poor packing skills, had a whole new bottle of my favourite Fudge Big Hair matte hair spray dispense into my case. I went into Boots to find something that’d work as a suitable replacement and discovered this, on offer at just £3.33.

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The smell is incredible, it’s definitely like a sweet Malibu cocktail but fear not, the smell isn’t overpowering and it doesn’t stick around all that long.

The hold of Fudge Urban Iced Coconut Cocktail Hairspray is just as good as Fudge Skyscraper hair spray and I’m almost convinced they’re the same product just with a slightly different fragrance as skyscraper is Coconut and Apple.

For the best styling finish, apply it in layers holding the bottle well away from the hair and misting over, allowing it to dry a little between each application. Your style will not move a muscle for a good while!

Fudge Urban Iced Coconut Cocktail Hairspray is available at Boots stores and online for just £3.33 at the moment (normally £4.99).