Christmas with Aesop: The Guild of Artisans Gift Kits

Aesop Christmas Gifts 2If you’re yet to try Aesop products, this Christmas is your perfect opportunity by adding them to your wish list.

Despite their increasingly smug and violently pretentious marketing (seriously, you don’t have to read their press releases but their Twitter account will give you a rough idea of what I’m on about) the products stand up for themselves and exceed most beauty products on the market place.

These gift tins are a perfect introduction to the brand with full-sized products custom fit into 6 tins, showcasing the best of the brand.

Theres A Flaxen Finish (£43) for body and lips; The Leaf Supreme (£57) loaded with their geranium leaf collection; A Certain Radiance (£75) hand and body care kit; Precious As Porcelain (£120) featuring their award-winning Parsley Seed products and then finally the two I’ve got here: The Supple Gentleman and Soothed to Perfection.

Each kit this in the Guild of Artisans collection “pay[s] respects to materials frequently employed in Aesop spaces: ceramic, leather, textiles, copper, timber, and marble. They also honour historic craft guilds, and those who spend a lifetime honing the knowledge and techniques that enable them to excel in their respective crafts.”

Basically each tin has a cardboard wrapper that’s a bit like leather and a bit like marble or a bit like wood etc; as far as I can see, that’s where it starts and stops. Am I just being miserable or do I have a point?

Smoothed to Perfection

Love. Love. Love. At £90, this is mine, I’m keeping this and it’s nobody else’s; you can all sod off.

Available here from MANKIND with an amazing offer I found: Use code SAVE12 and get £12 off when you spend over £60 + a free gift + free delivery.

With all full sizes of the Fabulous Face Cleanser, B & Tea Balancing Toner and Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream; this is the perfect introduction to Aesop skin care if your skin is normal/combination, maybe a little blemish prone as well as easily dehydrated. This is me in a tin!

The Fabulous Face Cleanser (£33) is for all skin types and gently foams whilst deeply removing and dislodging dirt and debris.

The B & Tea Balancing Face Toner (£37) is formulated with Tea Tree Oil among other things to awaken your skins absorption processes whilst giving a good dose of spot killing goodness; refreshing!

Finally the Camellia Nut Hydrating Cream (£43) is massively rich and hydrating but isn’t greasy after sinking in and leaves a gorgeous matte finish.

The Supple Gentleman

This is a great kit for any man, at £60 for teens to granddads with each product suitable for all skin types ensuring that the men in your life are prepped for their manly endeavours.

Again, there’s the Fabulous Face Cleanser (£33); see above gift for details.

You’ll also get Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion (£33), a refreshing addition to the post-shave market being both soothing and refreshing (alcohol free) but non-greasy and slimy on the skin, a problem with so many products like it.

Finally the uniquely scented (in a good way, I assure you) Coriander Seed Body Cleanser (£33) that’s warming, deeply cleansing and non-drying.

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