Banish Tired Eyes

I don’t know about you, but I have hit the ground running since Christmas. I don’t know where the time has gone let alone the shock that we’re already 10% into 2016. I’ve been eating a better diet, exercising and working like a mad dog. So something has to go right? Yep! Sleep.

Sleep has gone out the window where I’m either managing to sleep for 12 hours every now and then, or usually 5 hours a night normally. My pattern is screwed and so are my eyes. They look puffy and tired.

So I’ve found two products that are already starting to help by hydrating the skin, making it look brighter, whilst helping to reduce puffiness and the appearance of fatigue.

MMUK Man Active Eye Cream

I really enjoy MMUK Man products; they’re very high quality and really great fun. Their whole branding is gorgeous, slick and you get a hell of a bang for your buck bringing high-end ingredients to a mid-range price point – plus I know Alex their creator and he’s really up on the latest trends and sourcing.

The MMUK Man Active Eye Cream is a base of water, moisturising glycerin, moisture carrying and smoothing dimethicone and shea butter. It feels beautifully rich on first contact but as you pat it into the skin, it turns fabulously watery before sinking into the skin. It feels amazing and just the right balance of richness and hydration.

Feature ingredients include sucrose distearate and sucrose stearate (a hydrating fatty acid); beeswax (great for locking in moisture); cell-energy boosting mimosa; vitamin E and finally line-smoothing spilanthes acmella flower extract.

Polar Icy Magic

I have heard this product mentioned by so many people so many times; it seems to have developed quite a bit of a cult. Before I even get into the product, my tip is to keep it in the fridge – you’ll seriously thank me for it!

This alcohol, mineral-oil, paraben and fragrance free eye treatment softens, smooths and calms the eye area whilst providing an absolutely amazing base for under-eye concealer! It’s powered by a blend of hydrating ingredients as well as a brightening ginseng extract. The rollerball is amazing for cooling and calming the eye area whilst helping to increase circulation.

To use, press the pump until you see a teeny bit seep around the edge of the rollerball and then begin to slowly massage under the eye from the outer edge in to the inner corner (by the tear duct), then drag down from the inner corner around the nose to the crease of the nostril; then reverse this and start again. This eye-massage technique helps drain the stagnant lymphatic fluid that sits under the eye area causing it to be dark and puffy. Don’t be alarmed if you start snotting up; this is everything draining away.

Both the MMUK Man Eye Cream and Polar Icy Magic eye treatment can both be found here on MMUK Man’s website where you’ll also find a huuuuuge selection of men’s skin care and makeup products.

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