Baldness, Bargains and Benefits: LUSH Ltd Daddy-O Shampoo & Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

Lush Daddy Shampoo Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner 2Over the years I have used a looooot of products on my hair, both for hair care and hair styling ranging from budget to the most luxury you could imagine (usually begged, borrowed or stolen).

It’s a fact that your hair condition later on in life, just like your skin, is a result of how it was treated when you were younger and I can tell hair that’s been shampoo’d and conditioned daily vs. those who’ve slapped on shower gel or Head & Shoulders.

Hair is often coarse, shiny (but not a sheen, just shiny and plastic-y) and sometimes thinning in areas that you wouldn’t want thinning.

Baldness is often genetic but don’t underestimate how a lack of proper hair care can exacerbate the issue and we all know that prevention is always cheaper than the cure.

LUSH Ltd hair care is an odd one as it’s costly to buy initially, but in the long-run, works out so much cheaper. The formulations are usually so potent and concentrated, you only need the tiniest amount.

LUSH Ltd Daddy-O Shampoo from £5.50

The fragrance; oh my god, the fragrance. If you like Parma Violets and other such violet-y delights, then this is the one for you. It’s not a sweet, artificial or insipid violet either, but raw, natural and fragrant.

If you’re not blonde, then ignore what it says on the bottle (although it does say it’s also good for brunettes). Yes it will stop blondes from going brassy but it’s not just for that; it’s an incredible all-round cleanser.

It’s formulated with seaweed, bergamot oil, lime and violet as well as coconut oil, rose absolute and fresh seawater –I’ve actually seen the buckets of seaweed and saltwater kept in the LUSH Ltd fresh fridges with my own eyes on my visit to their factories in Poole, Dorset back in August.

You need the tiniest amount imaginable; in fact imagine how much you’d need. OK? Picturing it? Yeah, that’s too much.

One tiny drop explodes into a purple lather and your hair heaves a sigh of relief.

It’s great for after the gym to gently but thoroughly cleanse the sweat from your hair as well as after a night out, with your hair filled from root to tip with pre-styler, clay and hair spray. Just one drop will cleanse it all and leave it so soft.

LUSH Ltd Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner from £9.50

‘Conditioning Hair Perfume’ sounds a bit flouncy and that’s me saying that, Señor Flounce. But I suppose it is, however this is a secondary feature rather than a primary benefit (retail days coming back to me).

You’ll better understand how good it is if I tell you the ingredients. There’s rose water, orange blossom water, almond milk, jojoba oil, neroli oil, grapefruit oil, orange flower absolute, rosewood oil, rose oil and glycerin.

Now this is a luxury product and comes in at a luxury price tag but the same goes, you need the smallest, teeniest, tiniest amount on each use, so a 245g bottle will last an age; hell, the 100g bottle lasted about 2 months.

One of the biggest problems for guys hair is that they use conditioner not formulated for it; it’s often coarser but more oily so needs hydration rather than rich, thick butters; which often they rinse off their hair backwards and then wonder why they get bacne.

Because Daddy-O is so hydrating anyway, Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner is just the right amount of hydration and leaves your hair smelling out of this world; not feminine, but fresh and botanical, really smacking of orange blossom which is a pretty masculine blossom anyway (it is! seriously).

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