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How To Use NEW Aveda Invati Men

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Well it’s here. Launching today is the long awaited Aveda Invati Men; a hair loss and hair thinning treatment duo from Aveda created off the back of the wildly successful original Aveda Invati range. Designed to deliver instant and long-term scalp exfoliation, this guide shows you exactly what to do.

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How does Aveda Invati Men work for hair loss and thinning?

First and foremost, do not expect miracles from something that is not a prescription product. Aveda Invati Man is not a product that is going to really tackle male pattern baldness other than helping create good scalp health and effective hair shaft moisture.

Aveda Invati Men works by exfoliating the scalp to remove the build-up of dead skin and product, unblocking hair follicles and allowing hair to grow the entire strand width. Having congested and blocked follicles on the head can reduce growth that otherwise would be delivering you luscious locks.

Secondly, Invati Men delivers great moisturising ingredients to the hair shaft to help prevent breakages that also lead to thinning hair.

Aveda Invati Men Shampoo

Available here from the Aveda UK shop.

This is a fabulous 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, with 98% naturally derived ingredients, provides all the cleansing, treatment and conditioning benefits without splitting into 2 products – genuinely.

Invati Men shampoo uses the effective chemical exfoliant Salicylic Acid, here extracted from Wintergreen, to break down the bonds of dead skin cells that block hair follicles and strengthening the others.

I’m very fussy and use conditioners all the time but this was honestly enough. I used a conditioner once a week to deep condition/mask, particularly at the moment as I have colour/toning highlights – but I usually do this anyway.

Aveda Invati Men Scalp Revitalizer

Available here from the Aveda UK shop.

The Invati Men Scalp Revitalizer works as both an instant thickening product and a long term treatment. Amla extract (a member of the Gooseberry family) gives that instant thickness whilst salicylic acid and other potent plant derivatives give all-day treatment to increase hair growth, strength and thickness by treating the follicle.

Aveda’s trials showed 4 out of 5 men saw thicker and stronger hair after 12 weeks!

How To Use Aveda Invati Men

It’s pretty straight forward! Cleanse the hair with the Aveda Men Shampoo and leave it in for a few seconds before rinsing out. I swear by the Denman Shower Brush which is great for working/massaging products into the hair and scalp; it also stimulates blood flow which is vital for maintaining strong hair and a healthy scalp.

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Once you’re out the shower, you can begin using the treatment.

Fresh out the shower before taming my barnet
Fresh out the shower before taming my barnet

1. Part your hair down the middle

Firstly part your hair down the middle and serve up some 1999 Adam Rickitt realness. Honestly this isn’t my least favourite hair look… Use the treatment in damp/towel dried hair.


2. Apply the treatment down the center parting

Not squeezing too hard, as although it’s a gel it’s still a little runny, apply down the centre parting from front to back.


3. Do the same on the left and right

From your left and right temple, part your hair again and repeat, going from front to back. I have the tiniest amount of hair recession on my temple so make sure to apply it here.


4. Massage into the scalp

Just stick your hands in and massage into the scalp all over from front to back. This doesn’t have to take long. Be firm. You’ll notice how absolutely amazing it smells!


5. Blow-dry and style your hair as normal

When you blow-dry, you’ll really notice how incredible this smells. Just do what you’d normally do with your hair. The Invati Men has been designed to have absolutely no impact on styling whatsoever!


My top tips are to use a paddle brush to dry your hair which immediately increases thickness as the hair is dried more evenly, giving lift.

Style with a matte clay, here it’s Aveda Men Pure-Performance Grooming Clay, rather than anything gel/waxy as these products tend to clump hair together and show more of the scalp whereas clays give a matt, thicker finish.

After you’ve applied your clay, blow-dry again into the shape you want and set with a little hair spray!


Aveda Invati Men Results

After a good few weeks I have definitely noticed an improvement in the thickness of my hair. I am lucky to have tonnes of hair, but it’s pretty fine, so very easily goes a bit limp and flat.

I don’t know how to more accurately explain it other than my hair just looks energized, pumped and fuller. I am definitely noticing less breakages too and have had less stray hairs in my brush and shower basin.

Ta-dah! So this is the finished result. I've added texture by layering product between blow drying.
Tah-dah! So this is the finished result. I’ve added texture by layering Pure-Performance Clay between blow drying.

Will Aveda Invai Men restore lost hair?

There is no treatment to bring back hair that has already gone. Once the follicle has shut off, that’s it; nothing other than a hair transplant procedure will bring it back. However, if your hair is thinning or looking a bit touch-and-go, this will help to maintain and strengthen what you’ve got.

Genetics are difficult to override and sometimes, I’m afraid to say, male pattern baldness is inevitable for some, but Invati Men is one of the best options out there for maintaining scalp health and hair thickness which will help!

The Aveda Invati Men collection is available here now from the Aveda UK shop.

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