Calvin Klein Makeup for Men

I’ll be honest. I’ve never been that much of an advocate of makeup on men, because you rarely see it done well. The idea of makeup on men, I feel, is more to be corrective rather than enhancing, covering spots and helping to even out skin tone etc, rather than lashings of blusher, bronzer, eye shadow and mascara.

I was lucky enough to be sent some fab makeup from a a great website specialising in men’s makeup and coverage. The first review I’ll be doing from their amazing product range will be from Calvin Klein.

I’d been sent Calvin Klein Infinite Hydration, Infinite Matte and Endless Light:

Infinite Hydration is a foundation cover for normal/dry skin types, leaving skin really hydrated whilst giving great cover with minimal shin, which for men is important. When on, if applied properly, it looks great and leaves an almost undetectable finish. It blends evenly and feels great on the skin. Skin is left with a glow but not a wet shine. It has great staying power although obviously any sort of cover will look better and last longer with regular gentle exfoliation.

Infinite Matte is great for an oil/combination skin type and leaves skin looking flawless and shine free and is feels much lighter than its normal/dry skin counterpart. It sinks into the skin without blocking pores given a smooth and even finish. It lasts all day, it actually seemed to last longer than the Infinite Hydration, but I’m pretty certain I actually have a combination/oily skin type, which must mean that this has been well formulated!

The Endless Light, is an under-eye pen concealer, similar to such products as YSL Touche Éclat et al. I love these, and even though I don’t use that much makeup, I swear by these. I have odd sleeping patters and because I’m so pale, my eyes always look darker and this product gives an undetectable highlight and brightness, and you’ll find more than anything that brightening your eyes will make your whole skin look more even in tone and radiance!

So, application. A foundation is designed to correct skin tone therefore on men, doesn’t need to be applied all over, just in areas that need correcting. For me, I have redness to my cheeks, so I only needed to apply the product in this area. If possible, try and avoid application on areas that you move a lot, particularly the forehead. Men tend to sweat more full stop, and if you’re emotive with your forehead then the product can move and sit in creases and therefore becomes visible, and the whole illusion comes shattering down!

Don’t apply with your fingers! This leaves streaks and the foundation gets pushed into the pores, also because of the oil on your hands, the foundation ends up just being moved around the skin rather then blended over it. Apply with a brush or sponge and use teeny tiny amounts and gradually build. When you’ve finished, rub the flats of your hands together to warm them up and then gently pat the skin, this just makes sure its blended and any streaks disappear.

As far as coverage for men, these products are awesome and I’d really recommend them.

Calvin Klein makeup range is available from Mens Make-Up

  • Dipankar

    I found make up for men very interesting…Well I knew make up which is available only for women and men try it . But now a special mascara , eye liner for men is just too comfortable to use and purchase…..

  • Ged_in_London

    Interesting. I’ve been interested to see what the products are like but have never bought or try any make-up for men. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Pampered prince

    Great post, I didn’t know Calvin Klein for bring out a mens makeup range.
    Although personally I don’t mind using makeup items for women, i find they have more colour options and being a guy it’s even more important to find the right colour so it’s undetectable! Agreed about the corrective rather enhance, less is more and definitely need to know when to stop.