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You may or may not have heard of Zirh before. They’re a brand that are relatively new to the scene here in the UK, but they’ve exploded with a bit of a bang and I have been informed that they’ve been around for 20 years or so in the US. I was sent the range by Tesco Beauty who’ve just added them to their already extensive product library and have been trying them out for a week and a bit.

The range is split into 4 steps and each step contains a number of different product options based on your preferences, there’s cleanse, shave, moisture and enhance. Each product has a number representing where it should be used in the process which is a huge benefit if you aren’t that experienced with grooming products.

1. Clean / Scrub

The Clean smells amazing and has a thick gel texture that turns into a really full lather. It contains AHA, an ingredient that helps to gently slough way dead skin cells that can go to form blackheads or even spots. It also contains soothing and refreshing peppermint oil.

The scrub again is gel based, and quite a surprising product. When you apply it to your skin you think, ‘well this isn’t going to give much of a scrub, there’s nothing in it’. Well just like I was, you’d be wrong. There are thousands of microdermabrasive particles that as you start to massage the gel in, really gives a kick. I will go as far as to warn you not to be too keen with this as you may be left a little red faced. It’s amazing at unblocking pores like you wouldn’t believe.

2. Prepare / Shave / Smooth

Firstly apply the smooth shaving oil to the skin and let it sink in for about a minute. This will massively aid in lubricating the skin so as to avoid any razor burn or rash. It contains about a million different oils as well as Banana and Papaya extracts; it feels amazing.

The shave gel gives an amazing lather that contains soothing Aloe vera, it stays in place throughout the shave and comes away easily when it’s time to rinse.

The post shave soothe is beautiful, easing the skin as shaving does remove quite a few surface layers, whilst not being too rich so that your moisturiser feels greasy afterwards.

3.  Correct / Protect

Correct is a conditioning serum containing vitamins A, C and E as well as being packed full of hydrating emollients that work just below the skin’s surface to plump, firm and hydrate. Use this before you moisturiser and it definitely kept my skin hydrated for longer.

The protect is the facial moisturise, designed for an normal to oily combination skin type, it feels nourishing on the skin without leaving a greasy shine or blocking pores. It sinks in well and needs very little massaging to get it in the skin. Allantoin helps to increases skin cell turnover leaving you smoother whilst simultaneously acting as a humectant, binding water to surface skin cells; oh and there’s also tomato and avocado in here as well that will gently nourish the skin.

4. Restore

This is the last part of the regime, and I will point out that even though there seems to be many products, you can do it all within the space of a few minutes. Eye protection is often overlooked in skin care and brighter eyes are considered the most important feature in a more youthful looking complexion. Brighter eyes make you look more awake, healthier and less stressed. You should never use a standard moisturiser over your eye area as excess product can deposit behind the skin, causing bags. Even more   miraculous than it’s ability to balance surface hydration is its ability to make the eyes look dramatically more awake after only a couple of applications.

If you get them or have used them in the past then I definitely want to hear about it, so drop me a comment.

All the products I’ve mentioned are now available on the Tesco Beauty Website and I believe they have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment so you can make one hell of a saving.

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