The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi Glasser: Old Books


I feel like a bit of a fraud writing this, but it’s not actually my fragrance. When Chris and me went to Harvey Nichols last week and I was treated to a gorgeous bottle of Jazz Club (read the review here), he treated himself to a bottle of Old Books, part of The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi Glasser.

I’d not heard of the collection before which was embarrassing as I certainly knew of Azzi Glasser as we’ve followed each other on Twitter for some time. Discovering The Perfumer’s Story and particularly Old Books was definitely one of my industry highlights of 2016 so far.

The Perfumer’s Story is a collection of 11 fragrances exclusive to Harvey Nichols. Each is presented in a gorgeous book-like box and fastened with a wax-seal. Inside, the fragrance bottle is pressed into the box along with a black, draw-string bag. My only criticism, but also adding to its charm, is a label that seems like it’s been printed off a home inkjet printer on one of those Avery label sheets (although Chris agrees, he’s next to me shouting “but it’s embossed!”).

“The memory of picking up that old book in grandma’s attic, and watching it fall apart holds memories of heritage and intelligence that is profound and a rare perfection.” – Azzi Glasser

It’s a delicious cloud of frankincense, olibanum, myrrh, and elemi with patchouli accord, amber, vetivert and cedar. It really remind me of the musk of old books sat on a tall expanse of oak bookcases in Manchester’s John Ryland’s library.

Chris, who turns 28 tomorrow, loves it. It lasts all day and he enjoys putting it on in the morning and still being able to enjoy it 7 hours later, clinging to his clothes in just the right way. What it smells like when you put it on is just what it smells like at the end of the day, and so soft, not hitting you over the head with a pungent cloud of alcohol. Old books is a warm smell; comforting and is without pretension. It’s not a love it or hate it fragrance, but a comforting ozonic atmosphere. To dislike it would be to dislike the smell of winter air; you just can’t!

To discover more from Azzi, check out her website. For the full Perfumer’s Story collection, you can find it here at Harvey Nichols online. Each fragrance in the collection retails at £95/30ml and here’s the direct link to Old Books.

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