Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Eau de Toilette

I really wanted to hate this. I saw it and thought, “OK, the Swiss-Army knife people have made what they think is a fragrance, maaaww!” Well shut me up, it’s damn good! It puts big fragrance houses, Ara *cough!* mis *cough*, to absolute shame.

The bottle is stupid and annoying/fiddly but I get it, it fits the brand and I can see how it would appeal to the Army knife customer. It’s a rubberised bottle with the plastic cap surrounding the spray nozzle; you remove the plastic cap by twisting the cog as it then descends into the bottle. There’s then a Victorinox caribiner clip on the side, just for a touch of fancy.

They’ve tried to create a bottle that a mountain climber would keep on them and having a step-dad that was a true, professional mountain climber, completing first British ascents, still climbing today and contributing to climbing guides (he’s 70), when I showed him this, he did find it raaather amusing.

Anyway I’ll stop being a cow, it’s a gorgeous scent. Usually when I open a Jiffy bag with a fragrance inside, I take one spray and immediately write it off as “same old crap ‘for-men'”. This is absolutely different and like a true scent, mutates and changes as you wear it with each metamorphosis being even more beautiful than the previous.

It’s soapy, citrusy, minty and herby all at the same time; each arm seems to fight with each other in an epic battle to the death, creating a gorgeous, masculine cloud of hotness.

There’s a top of cassis, mint, bergamot and Génépi (a French liqueur); a heart of cinnamon, absinthe and lavender and finally a base of silver fir, amber, musk and patchouli. So as you can see, these aren’t particularly ‘normal’ components with no cedar/sandalwood in sight!

Buy this, it’s really nice and you’ll really like it; end of. It starts at £36 and there’s a whole host of ancillaries but I’m yet to give those a whirl. Check it out here.

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