The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning Massage Oil

Featured in Spanish Vogue’s Belleza magazine as a recommendation for a beautifying energy cocktail for summer as past of their article on ‘When beauty does Eco’; The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning Massage Oil is definitely one to try.

Containing Community Trade Soya oil from the Capanema Farmers of Brazil, as well as natural caffeine all supercharged by Oranges, this product is fresh from the Spa and designed to get your skin Fit. Spa Fit (I should clearly be a copyrighter).

I’ve never been a ‘massage-oil’ fan as I really love bedding. I’ve always loved bedding. Different colours for different seasons, patterns, designs and high thread counts. Massage Oil + Nice Bedding = Crying and Dry Heaving. However, it struck me to use this oil in the same way as a dry oil, on wet / very damp, freshly showered skin, massaged in, and then towel rubbed off.

Well, wow, just wow. After trying this technique for the first time, I was blown away. My skin felt silky smooth but certainly not at all greasy or overloaded. I’ve been using the product for a week now and my body skin feels firmer and more springy to the touch. I’ve been using my body scrub 3-4 times per week as usual and I would say this is important and integral for the product sinking in.

Ingredients-wise, there are some great naturals in there without as many artificials as the scrub. Soya, Corn, Sunflower, Tangerine, Satsuma, Basil and Bitter Orange oils really make for a great and beautifully smelling elixir that has really impressed me. I’m becoming quite a fan of oils as even the lightest lotions and gels seem to overwhelm my follicles and block my skin up, leaving it greasy and sticky, but it still gets a little dehydrated. Try it and let me know what you think.

[alert style=”blue”]The Body Shop Spa Fit Toning Massage Oil £15/150ml at The Body Shop Online[/alert]

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