Raz*War Black Edition

A while ago, I was thrilled to try out El Ché, a 3 blade razor from RazWar, a company that has strayed away from the mass brand dominance and has created a truly excellent system of wet razors. This time though, it’s all about the Black Edition, a chunkier, 4 blade system that has provided me with a really smoothly gliding shave, but also an incredible close cut. The handle is part rubber and part metal, so whilst having a really decent weight to it, it’s also incredible easy to grip with wet hands. The Olive, Chamomile and Allatoin lubrication strip really smooth things off and simultaneously smooth the skin so you’re not gagging for your Razor Relief balm as soon as you’re made your first stroke.

I will point out not to be as cocky with this as the blades are some of the sharpest I’ve come across so have given my self a few little slices here and there when I should have been paying more attention. Smooth and slow motions will really provide you with an optimum shave, but you should be doing that anyway if you’re behaving yourself (lord knows I don’t!).

The Modern Shaving Soap breaks away from the traditional by not being as softly milled and creamy, which I’m not usually a fan of. This foams into a great lather and definitely stays put. Now I hope RazWar aren’t offended by this, but I love the fact it smells like school soap that we used to have by the sinks. Through doing what I do over the years, I’ve developed a hatred of every ‘men’s’ product under the sun containing sandalwood and cedarwood, to give that manly scent, whilst I also don’t want to smell like a rose bush. This is just right – clinical, my favourite kind of smell. I would love a face wash that smelt like liquid Savlon, ooft (just me? Ok).

The shave brush is gorgeous and reminds of me the same high quality, artificial fibre brush that The Body Shop sell – actually that’s not fair, this is much better. I really don’t believe we should be plucking badger’s arse hair to use as a shaving brush, it’s cruel and completely unnecessary… it’s probably not from the arse hair.

Definitely give this little lot a try as it did wonders at removing my abomination of a Movember moustache which was granted no ceremony as I wiped it from the face of the earth, down my plughole. No longer shall I look like a social deviant thanks to RazWar, what higher accolade could a brand want?

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