Rahua Amazon Hair Care Christmas Gift

A few months back I attended a launch for Rahua (oh that reminds me, I can tell you about it now – will post ASAP) and was absolutely blown away by the brand. Their ethics, ingredients and efficacy are mesmerising.

The brand’s founders, Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers, are 2 truly inspiring people with a real passion not just for their brand, but for the work they do alongside it with their NGO, Ecoagents, dedicated to protecting the Amazon rainforest, its people and their culture.

Fabian discovered Rahua oil, the ingredient found in all their products, from the Quechua tribal women derrived from the ungurahua nut. The oil continues to be produced ethically, traditionally and sustainably.

“I was on an environmental mission deep in the Amazon forest when a group of women with very long hair approached me. As a hairdresser, I was astonished by the length and health of their beautiful tresses. I asked them their secret, and they told me it was Rahua.

I had heard of the legendary Rahua oil growing up, but it wasn’t until I brought it back to my salon in New York that I realized its potency. Research followed, a product line was developed, and Amazon Beauty and the Rahua product line was born.”

Rahua Shampoo

The original formulation Shampoo and Conditioner are absolutely amazing with the Rahua oil plus a whole host of natural ingredients including Palo Santo fragrance, Quinoa and coconut/shea betaines. It’s 100% natural in fact! The Rahua shampoo is very cleansing whilst having a low-lather but being formulated for use in Fabian’s New York salon, it’s more than what you’d think from a ‘natural’ product, removing hair styling products without fuss and restoring moisture!

Rahua Conditioner

The Conditioner is just stunning. With no lather, it sinks into the hair and washes out in seconds putting all the moisture back without adding weight or leaving hair feeling oily. As well as a gorgeous rinse-out conditioner, the Rahua Conditioner can be used as a styling cream. Simply apply a little into towel-dried hair and then style with your blow dryer for a gorgeous, lightweight sheen and hold.

Rahua Omeda 9 Hair Mask

With Rahua Oil, Quinoa, Sunflower Seed Oil, Lavender and Eucalyptus, this is a rather powerful hair mask! Most high-street hair masks coat hair, often with silicons, that ultimately weaken hair and prevent it from being thoroughly cleansed. Rahua use the Rahua oil which inserts Omega 9 molecules into the damaged sections of hair to infuse it with moisture and strength. This once a week, 15 minute rinse-out treatment is really an experience (like you’d have in a salon) that both restores my heat and product damaged hair as well as having really relaxing therapeutic properties.

The Rahua Amazon Hair Care Christmas Gift (Three Piece Favourites Collection) containing the full-size Rahua Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask is available here from Rahua Online for £70.

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