LUSH Ltd and the WORST hair product I have ever used

I’ve not had the best week so far with products. After my easy-read review of Diesel Bad, I was hoping that would be the only blip. However, this ‘hot oil treatment’ from LUSH Ltd deserves a very special mention for being spectacularly awful.

The principle behind it is cool, very cool (or hot) and sporting longer hair at the moment (it’s about down to my chin which I wear slicked back) I needed something to restore lost moisture and revive my scalp from all the products and heat I’ve been using.

I loved the process of mixing it. Designed not to waste packaging, transport and a host of other things that comes with manufacturing and producing larger, water-filled products – this is good fun to make. Slowly add boiling water into whatever you want to mix it in (I used an old LUSH pot) and then keep stirring until it’s melted. You’re left with a thick, rich cream. lush-damaged-hot-oil-treatment-2lush-damaged-hot-oil-treatment-3

So in principle, it looks and smells absolutely gorgeous. I was really excited to use it. Just work it into the hair and scalp and leave it on for 20 minutes. I used only around half a pot as it comes with enough product for long-long hair.

Once the 20 minutes was up, it was time to jump in the shower and rinse it out…. or so I thought.

I had to shampoo my hair 4 or 5 times, using obscene amounts to get this to shift. It turned into a sort of sticky, stringy gloop that clung to me, my hair and the shower. My whole back and face was left absolutely coated and I had to get every scrub brush I owned out and strip it from my skin with so much shower gel and face wash. I eventually got it all out, and used what felt like half a bottle of conditioner.

Afterwards, my hair and scalp felt drier and hugely more damaged than it did before I used it. Yes, it left a lovely smell but that’s about it. So what’s the point in going through all this fuss to make what is clearly a subpar product that at £6.50 for single use is certainly not cheap.

All I can say is that this is yet another ‘innovation’ from the brand that doesn’t seem thought through or worth its hefty price tag – but at least for once it’s not full of glitter!

Posted at 13:20 November 6, 2016
Diane Nivern

One way to remove oil based hair treatments is to massage shampoo into the hair to emulsify the product BEFORE you begin to shower it off. Then add a LITTLE warm water, massage a bit more then rinse and shampoo as normal.
This should make things easier

Posted at 23:46 September 27, 2016
Stephanie Yeboah

Hey hey! I know i’ve just tweeted you this exact same thing but I thought i’d go into detail on here.

i’m sorry you had such a shitty time with the product. As i mentioned earlier, Lush released a huge range of products designed for afro-carribbean hair, with this hot oil treatment being one of them. I’ve used this product many times and it works perfectly because “our” hair normally takes to the thick consistency, what with it being very curly and thick.

It would have been nice for lush to make that more well known as I don’t think a lot of black people know that they can get items for them in a ‘commercial’ store; which is brilliant.

    Posted at 00:28 September 28, 2016
    Thom Watson

    See, that makes a lot more sense. Unfortunately this was sold to me as a general ‘damaged’ hair treatment with absolutely no mention on any of the signage or from the consultant that it’s designed for afro-caribbean hair.

    On top of hating the product, I’m now more annoyed that although they’ve designed a product for afro-caribbean hair, they completely wussed out of mentioning it – why!? It’s obviously not appropriate for finer hair types so why waste people’s money!? So many questions!

    Thanks for the info though Stephanie and thanks for your tweets too! T x

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