Frederic Malle Bakelight Travel Spray Case

I’ve very recently fallen in love with Frederic Malle fragrances. I’ve dabbled in the past but for some reason have always passed on them with no idea why. If you’re not familiar with the brand, each fragrance is by one of currently 12 perfumers – each as staggeringly accomplished as the other. I was very kindly sent Monsieur by Bruno Jovanovic (review imminent) and a selection of travel sizes.

Now, whilst browsing Liberty London (their sale email was irresistible) I found a whole set of Frederic Malle travel cases – similar to my favourite Gun Metal Case by Francis Kurkdjian (featured in the Christmas Gift Guide a couple of years ago).

Whilst there were 4 metal cases, which are gorgeous; there were 2, one in red and the other in black both in Bakelight – they were just too gorgeous to pass up! These 2 are in the Bauhaus style where form follows function – I spent an entire module on this during my undergraduate degree!

Frederic Malle Red Bakelight Traveler Spray Case. £30. Liberty London.

Frederic Malle Black Bakelight Traveler Spray Case. £30. Liberty London.

It arrived a couple of days ago and I have to say I am not disappointed. It’s seriously beautiful to hold, with a magnetic lid that almost jingles as it closes. It has a stunning weight and the red is beyond striking.

Each of the travel sizes come with a red rubber band – now I’m only guessing and could be waaay off, but if you leave it around the neck, it does actually secure the vial inside the travel case really well!


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