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NEW Cire Trudon Fragrance Matches for 2016

Cire Trudon NEW scented matches 2016

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These aren’t a new product at all and have been around from my favourite home fragrance brand for a while; however, 3 scents have been added to this bizarre and innovative product range.

The matches are true candle matches, being around 15cm each and are individually laced with Cire Trudon fragrance that makes the box smell divine and gives a gorgeous aroma both when lit and blow out. There’s something so decadent about them and even when I’ve blown one out, it feels so wasteful to throw it away! Cire Trudon NEW scented matches 2016 2 2 1

Cire Trudon Spiritus Sancti Scented Matches

The news scents include: Spiritus Sancti, a beautiful scent and Chris’ absolute favourite. It’s inspired by historical Catholic churches, ceremonial incense, wooden pughes, stone and oozes traditional sophistication and hertiage. As a Catholic, Chris always comments how scarily realistic it is, and I can always smell an almost identical scent on his clothes and in his hair when he returns from Sunday Mass.

Cire Trudon Solis Rex Scented Matches

Then there’s Solis Rex, one of my favourites. Bearing a slight resemblence to Guerlain’s 1912 classic, L’Heure Bleue there’s a top of green leaves, eucalyptus and orange; a middle of fir bark and finally a base of cedar and incense.

Cire Trudon Byron Scented Matches

Finally there’s Byron. I describe its candle form as the Mandle with a top of black pepper, mugwort, saffron and cognac. The heart is a blend of iris, vetiver, patchouli and cedar with finally a warm and metallic base of sandalwood, leather, labdanum resin and opoponax (a deliciously sweet myrrh).

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