Well this is something new. I came across a rather wonderful Australian cosmetics company called VitaMan, they specialise in men’s grooming and body products, revitalising men. They’ve been establish since 1999, so 12 years in operation, which in this business, is a very long time indeed!

They boast about the quality of their source ingredients, a delectable range of essential plant and fruit extracts. I currently own their moisturiser and face/body wash. I opened the facial wash and was hit by this stunning smell of citrus and oils. My immediate concern was “Oh shit, it’s more fragrance than product this!”. Well! It’s 100% perfume free! What I smelled were the rich essential oils. So, I’m in love.

The products I have aren’t the best for my skin type in all fairness, and that’s nothing to do with the company; any of my lovely readers will know that I am prone to being rather bloody spotty, and these products are geared towards more of a normal skin type, balancing both oil and water. Nevertheless, I always have a guinnea pig on hand, a friend volunteered to be the test subject for this, and with the wash being £27, and the moisturiser being £41.50, they were pretty damned lucky to in my opinion (sometimes my yorkshireness creeps through). He told me that the wash left his skin feeling very clean and fresh but without leaving it dry as some washes can, which was especially my concern with it being heavy with essential oils, but it appears they got the balance just right. The moisturiser was initially on the rich side as it took a little longer than normal for it to soak in, but once it had, it didn’t feel sticky, and left no residue whatsoever, and after doing what at Clinique we call the Elevated Skin Test (professional face feeling), I couldn’t feel any excess product on the skin, and there were no signs of dryness and dehydration either.

Now even though I didn’t use the products on my face, I was instructed by my friend that I had to try the face/body wash on my body. Wow! I mean seriously. The scent and the lather are brilliant, leaving you, again, clean, but not dry and ‘squeaky'(I hate that!). As a body wash alone it’s worth every penny, but the fact they’ve balanced it to be perfect for the face as well show’s some pretty good formulation.

Overall, wonderful, no surprise this has earnt the company the title of Official Grooming Supplier for the Bath Rugby Team. All I’ll say is that the team are lucky guys.

The brand also has a range of quite specialised body products as well, targeted for sportspeople, with such products as cooling muscle gels, etc. You have to check them out. After enquiring, as I’ve never seen the brand in any stores, I was told that they are available online in the UK, as well as Spas (oooh!). All I can say, as especially as it’s coming up to Crimbo and they have some lovely gift ideas, give them a try.


Ooooh by the way, on a totally separate to VitaMan but on the subject of Spa’s, has anyone seen the advert for Pantene, and them being the chosen haircare for some Spa, that I won’t repeat the name of, after secretly switching their previous brand for theirs and finding clients ‘loved’ it?

If anyone ‘secretly switched’ my Aveda for Pantene whilst I was at a spa, I’d rip their f*cking eyes out! Just thought it was a point that needed making.


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