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An Interview with Simon Constantine at LUSH

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You may have read my interview with LUSH technologist Jack, just before Christmas. Well now I’ve been lucky enough to get an interview with one half of the LUSH Gorilla perfuming pair, Simon Constantine, Mark’s son and asking him questions about their incredible new collection (you can read more about them here). Anyway, enough from me. Enjoy.

9 new fragrances

Did you have fun researching the fragrances and what inspiration ideas didn’t make the cut?

“I had lots of fun researching the fragrances. Its always an interesting ride and can take us to some very strange places. There were very few ideas that didn’t make the cut, they either really evolved or we just haven’t launched them yet. I’m sure we started with some very mediocre thoughts at the beginning but in true artist style we’ve forgotten those and only remember the successes!”

Working with your Dad, did you and Mark come to blows over your thoughts and ideas or did the “gorilla perfumers” have a fairly smooth partnership?

“Dad and I have plenty of ‘heated’ debates which can cause other people awkwardness more than us. Last year one member of the team hid in the corridor for 40 minutes until it cooled down enough to retrieve her bag from our work bench! But it never gets serious and blows over quite quickly when we realise what fools we’ve been.”

I know this must be a tough one, but which is your favourite from the new Gorilla Perfume collection and why?

“That’s like asking which is your favourite child! I think that for different reasons I like Hellstone because its raw and earthy and challenges the person wearing it. I also love Voice of Reason as it just seems to encapsulate the whole collection somehow.”

Have you drawn inspiration from any other fragrances out there and what is your favourite non-LUSH fragrance?

“It can be difficult to find many inspiring perfumers working out there these days. I don’t spend too long obsessing over what’s the latest trend or perfume house. However, some independent perfumers are doing interesting things, who would I wear other than my own? I have enjoyed some Serge Lutens fragrances in the past and tried out a couple from Kilian and Creed. I’m much more likely to take inspiration from music, art even flavours than other perfumes though.”

Will Gorilla Perfumes branch out into accompanying body products to create the ultimate layering experience? Are there any existing LUSH body products that would do this?

“From a conceptual point of view Dirty was our first deliberate ‘layering’ range. I took the concept of layering and broke it apart, fragrancing 5 different products totally differently but when worn as a whole they become the Dirty fragrance. We even took into account the breath, launching the toothy tab (solid toothpaste) here first. I would like to do more because I feel that when you add together the different aromas you use before leaving the house, for men this typically would be toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, shaving gel or cream, aftershave and deodorant you have layered up already. If it were clothes, you would make them match up, no pink socks and yellow trousers! So its an interesting area to explore I think.”

I’ll ask you the same question I asked Jack Constantine because again we can’t let you go without trying to get hold of an exclusive, what do we have to look forward to in 2013?

“2013 will hold many surprises I’m sure. At the moment we are just warming up creatively and the Spring will be just as exciting as last year when we created  Set in Stone, our 2nd collection. One hint, we will be taking our music partnerships further I hope!”

To find out more about LUSH Gorilla fragrances, click here to head over to the LUSH website. Which is your favourite and which are you yet to try?

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