LUSH Ltd Rehab Shampoo / Veganese Conditioner

Let me tell you all about Lush Rehab Shampoo / Veganese Conditioner because they’re my favourites and been a part of my life on and off for around 4 years!

When I’m able to nab a free holiday to see my parents who live for part of the year in Spain, I dread, as many of you will agree with, the purely shite Spanish water, you can’t drink it, do clothes in it, and certainly not wash yourself with it. It’s so mineral rich that after a few days of using even the poshest Aveda shampoo, my hair becomes all clogged up and never really feels all too clean. Ew.

A few years ago, my particularly hip and cool grandmother bought me some products from Lush, well my mum bought it all on her behalf, and part of this gifty wifty was Lush’s Rehab Shampoo and Veganese Conditioner. These, as well as being my luxury treat in the UK have become my Spanish essentials as it’s literally the only thing I’ve found that will strip all the crap out your hair and put it back to normal; the small travel size bottles Lush sell are a god-send.

The Rehab Shampoo containing olive and jojoba as moisturisers, which yes sound immensely greasy and rich but really aren’t as the papaya and kiwi attack grease and dirt leaving the hair beautifully cleansed. The fragrance is beyond belief but not girly particularly, just very citrusy. The lather is immense, needing only a small amount to create a huge, great lather. There’s always a little left over to do your body with as well!

The counterpart – Veganese Conditioner is soothingly light with seaweed, lavender, rosemary and lemon all mounting to a beautiful product that leaves hair soft and very non greasy and smelling fantastic. It also maintains a fantastic shine throughout the day; I promise people will comment on how healthy and shiny your hair is, and that’s not because it’s, as some hair adverts profess, visibly healthy hair, its actually healthy and well treated hair!

Buy some, it’s available at your local lush or their brilliant online store, it’s worth buying just for the smell alone.

Lush Rehab Shampoo / Veganese Conditioner is at Lush Online

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