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A Life with a View is a new home fragrance company with a fabulous angle – the fragrances capture four very distinct settings, or views, and are inspired by architecture and their surroundings. There’s A View of Italy – The Villa; A View of New York – The Loft; A View of England – The Cottage and A View of Provence – The Gite. Each collection comes with a reed diffuser, a votive and a set of three travel candles.

A View of Italy – The Villa

Brimming with the flora of Italy, here you’ll find Jasmine, almonds, cirtus, fig and greens. It’s very soft and throws a small room wide open, aerating it and leaving it so fabulously fresh. It’s not all that sweet which was a surprise being with a heart of almonds, but no, it seems to blend quite evenly.

Top notes: Orange, Ripe Fig, and Cassis. Heart Notes: Almond and Jasmine. Base Notes: Woods and musks.

A View of New York – The Loft

Inspired by skyscraper lofts and central park, A View of New York sets woodsmoke against green notes of chamomile and thyme with rose, sandalwood and vanilla. It’s gorgeously structured yet smoky fragrance.

Top notes: Smoke, Chamomile and Thyme. Heart Notes: Rose and Patchouli. Base Notes: Vanilla, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk.

A View of England – The Cottage

Quintessentially british, A View of England ticks all the right boxes as far as homegrown ingredients goes and transports you to a country garden, right in your own living room. This is going to be fabulous for spring and I’ll definitely be burning it as I spring clean the house with the windows and doors thrown wide open, letting the crisp air intertwine with this delicate yet distinctive scent.

Top notes: Rosemary and Bergamot. Heart Notes: Lily, Wisteria, Sweat Pea, Lavender and Lilac. Base Notes: Amber, Patchouli and Vanilla.

A View of Provence – The Gite

Last but not least, A view of Provence and this has to be my favourite. It’s ver french and takes inspiration from the fields of the Cote D’Azure. The prevailing perfumes of provence provide the perfect feeling of serenity and encompassing fraîcheur. The notes are rather fabulous with a pale woody base warming a heart of herbs and florals with a citrus top. Just yum, seriously.

Top notes: Lemon, Mandarin, Blackcurrant, Fig and Spearmind. Heart Notes: Lavender, Rosemary, Iris and Orange Blossom. Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedar and Amber Wood.

A Life with a View candles and diffusers are all available here direct from the brand’s website.

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