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Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum: The Best Serum for Men or Just a Load of Boswellox?

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Clinique UK Smart Serum Custom-Repair for MenClinique UK Smart Serum Custom-Repair for MenThe Clinique Smart Serum (Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum) has interesting origins. Estée Lauder Companies has been sat on this for around 5 years. Why? Because it was created by accident whilst researching and developing Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector; but at the time Lauder was only looking for a pigmentation serum – the skin care buzz product at the time. So, Clinique Smart serum was shelved.

By the way, for anyone wondering about the title; Boswellox was an ingredient made up by the marketing departments of L’Oreal about 10 years ago. Boswellox did nothing and meant nothing. It’s since become a pejorative term in the cosmetics industry for ‘crock of shit’.

What does Clinique Smart serum do?

The new Clinique serum targets and repairs pretty much any kind of skin concern resulting from cellular damage such as lines and wrinkles, firmness, dark spots, uneven skin tone and poor skin texture. I’ve also found it’s unbelievable on pores. It’s pretty much a potent cocktail of all the Clinique serums; particularly Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus and the aforementioned Pigmentation serum, Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

How does Clinique Smart serum work?

The claims of it being a psychic, problem-sensing serum are a bit mythical and are largely just a rather beautiful marketing ploy; although I challenge you to find a Clinique consultant who won’t stand by these claims until they’re blue in the face and as a former lab coat myself, I can vouch for how indoctrinated you become within the brand. Clinique operates like an international terrorist organisation… but for skin. Seriously, they could have told me it was Allergy Tested. 100% Magical Unicorn Farts. and I’d have believed it (I’m going to have to say five hail 3-Steps for this).

Facts Behind The Fiction

There is some truth in these claims and regardless of how ‘smart’ it may or may not be, this serum stacks up and I adamantly believe is one of the best launches from the brand in over 7 years. It’s a sign of Clinique’s change; breaking away from norms and it’s unwavering grip on its own 1968 heritage – once again leading the skin care industry.

Clinique Smart Serum works, in principal, on the cell communication properties of peptides which can be programmed to target damaged/wonky cells and deliver the cocktail of reparative and restorative ingredients.

So basically, if the cell has been damaged by the sun, the sun damage repair element of the cocktail will work. If it’s damaged by dehydration, then the dehydration repair element of the cocktail will work. Now, if the cell is damaged through dehydration but not by sun damage; the sun damage repair element of the cocktail will still be there floating around, it just won’t have anything to do. Are you with me? It’s the skin care equivalent of the classic phrase: if you throw enough shit, some sticks.

How to use Clinique Smart serum

It’s easy-peasy. Obviously Clinique have designed the Smart serum to work best with their 3-Step skin care system; a trio of products that cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. But does this mean you have to use 3-Step with Clinique Smart? No, definitely not. The 3-Step system isn’t for everyone and this serum will work well with any skin care regime; just make sure you use a good cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser that’s suitable for your skin type with SPF sun protection to finish.

Sun Protection

If your moisturiser contains SPF sun protection, then Clinique Smart serum goes underneath it. If your moisturiser doesn’t contain SPF sun protection, then it goes over the top. Why? Because your skin better absorbs treatments and becomes more responsive when its moisture barrier is balanced.

I will say however, ensure you use an SPF with this serum as even though it repairs sun damage, its composition can actually cause the skin to become a little more sensitive to UV light. You should be using an SPF 15 at least every day anyway, without fail *raises eyebrow*.


Apply 1-2 pumps onto your fingers then smooth all over the skin, including the eye area and neck. Don’t rub it in, simply massage gently or better yet, press it onto the skin; then allow to sink in which it’ll do in a mere matter of seconds.


Amongst the sea of complexly engineered Clinique Smart serum ingredients, you’ll find naturals such as grapefruit, mulberry, barley, cucumber, grape, St. Paul’s wort, wheatgerm, rice as well as sunflower and soybean oils.

Is Clinique Smart serum any good and what are the results?

Obviously the results vary from person to person, it depends what your skin concerns are as to what effects you’ll see. It’s a 100% no-brainer product making it the most ideal and undoubtedly best serum for men. Regardless of your skins needs, it’ll provide a targeted benefit without you even having to think about it.

For me, I’ve seen the texture and evenness in skin tone completely transform; my skin looks brighter, feels smoother and looks more awake and lifted.

I’ve been rather lazy with my skin care of late (shock horror, I know) and even though nothing drastic has occurred such as an outbreak or mass of wrinkles; over time it’s looked a bit ashy and well… not on form.

The Results

In a matter of 10 days to 2 weeks; Clinique Smart Custom-Repair serum has transformed my skin. This stuff is like liquid gold, it feels amazing and does the job. I’ve even got one of my closest friends using it who also loves the results.

Clinique Smart serum is a product I will ensure I never run out of and will continue to use religiously in a fight to protect and correct my temperamental skin.

Where can I buy Clinique Smart serum?

You can purchase Clinique Smart serum (Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum) from every Clinique UK counter. It retails at £48 for 30ml and £68 for 50ml (better value). Selfridges currently have an exclusive 100ml size (I can’t remember the price, but it’ll be eye watering). Online, you can buy it from the Clinique UK Website, Clinique Boots, John Lewis, Debenhams and finally House of Fraser.

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