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Clinique Redness Solutions and Redness Facts

clinique redness solutions

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Redness is one of those concerns that can’t be treated with a simple moisturiser and general skin care routine. Depending upon the severity, whether it’s simply high-colour, right through to rosacea, different steps and measures need to be followed to ensure a chance of improvement.

Redness is caused by blood vessels that are closer to the surface of the skin than normal. Often this is coupled with flushing, often caused by exercise, spicy food and wine, or even just being a little embarrassed. Because of the fragility of these blood vessels, over time, these flushes cause the vessels to break and fork of, therefore spreading and becoming more visible.

Firstly, even though this skin concern can result in dryness, you should avoid using products that are oil based, in favour of oil-free creams that can still hydrate just as effectively; oil can cause irritation and make the skin appear redder. Secondly, avoid manual scrubs, these cause increased blood flow to the skins surface, which in this case is not desired. Finally, sun protection is key; sun exposure one of the biggest irritants of redness and must be protected against daily with at least an SPF15.

One of the best skin care ranges designed for this concern is no other than Clinique Redness Solutions; providing a 2 step regime with 2 special care add-ons. The first product is the Soothing Cleanser, providing a rich oil-free, soap-free clean and containing a chemical exfoliator, removing the need for scrubs whilst still removing the build up of dead skin which exacerbates dryness and tightness. The moisturiser comes in the form of the Daily Relief Cream, an incredibly rich and hydrating yet oil-free moisturiser that leaves the skin unbelievably comforted but not greasy or heavy in the slightest. It’s packed full of anti-inflammatory agents such as caffeine and kelp, and ingredients grouped as glycoseaminoglycans, that actively reduce redness.

Over time these products will reduce redness as well as create healthy skin. The two extra products, one of which is a must, are the Daily Protective Base SPF 15 and the Urgent Relief Cream. The Daily Protective Base provides all over sun protection that as I mentioned, will help prevent redness becoming more intense due to sun damage, as well as a green colour, that visibly reduces redness, and leaves skin looking a little less flushed.

Finally the Urgent Relief Cream is not always applicable. It’s for if redness ever becomes painful, inflamed or prickly, and is more of a medicine cabinet product to be used as and when; its also brilliant for insect bites!

Hopefully this has shone a little bit of light on the causes and possible treatments of redness, but each case needs to be judged individually. If your redness is a real concern then do get in contact with your doctor or dermatologist, as there are many prescription treatments that can make a real difference. If you are using a prescription treatment for your redness, then you can use Redness Solutions, as this is what it’s been designed for, just make sure that your prescription cream or roll on goes on after the Daily Relief Cream but before any sun protection.

If you have any concerns and would like to get in contact, leave me a comment below or just email me and I’ll endeavour to get right back to you.

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