Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Sky Flyin’ Foaming Multi-Gel

Formulated with Vitamin E & C, Caffeine, Lemon and Orange Peel, Bamboo and Ginseng, the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Sky Flyin’ Foaming Multi-Gel is really something to behold. So what does Multi-Gel mean? Well, not only is this a rich and luxurious shaving foam, but it’s a powerful and deeply cleansing facial wash!

It emanates from the pressurised canister as a thick blue gel, that as soon as it comes into contact with water, it bursts into a plentiful and rich foam, abundant and easily spread.

I found it worked great as a shaving foam, but it did need a little re-activating during the shaving process, just a quick little rub to bring the foam back. As it’s a little thicker than normal shaving foams, your razor glides like a dream, no catches or little nicks, just a smooooth and easy shave.

The thing that I love about it being a multi-gel is that you don’t need to use a separate facial wash after you shaved, just take all the remainder that’s still on your skin and massage it into the rest of your face! It’s amazing. Afterwards your skin feels deeply cleansed and free of daily, or nightly, grime and bacteria, but without it being dry or stripping!

I really recommend trying this out, rather than having a novelty factor, it proves to be an ingenious innovation that kills two birds with one stone and being Kiehl’s, you know it’s good, and at £14, you can’t afford not to try it. You can pick it up here at John Lewis.

Posted at 19:02 September 13, 2012
Thom Watson

I know what you mean and I did find it really weird to start with, but then, just got used to it. I’d not heard of the one from Green People, I hadn’t actually heard of Green People full stop, so I’ll check them out! :D

Posted at 11:57 September 13, 2012
Pampered Prince

This sounds good. I tried a face wash & shaving multi purpose product from Green People but really didn’t like it. It would feel weird washing in shaving foam though lol

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