Kiehls Facial Fuel Transformer

The Kiehls Facial Fuel Transformer is one of Kiehls’ biggest sellers from their men’s range of products and I can understand why. Labelled as a lightweight moisture gel that instantly transforms the appearance of skin on application. It contains an optical diffuser that immediately conceals fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. It also visibly reduces pore size; I presume this is due to the silica in the ingredients that is often used to diffuse light over uneven areas of the skin whilst still being non-comodogenic (it doesn’t block and congest).

There’s some Blue Algae in there, which is a fantastic anti-inflammatory agent that calms, softens and smoothens the skin. A favourite of mine, Hydroxyethyl Urea, bonds moisture to the skin, and prevents a moisturiser from not sinking in. Caffeine is also another anti-inflammatory, calming and helping to prevent irritation of the skin. The product is fragrance free and therefore brilliant for sensitive skin concerns.

Upon application, my skin felt incredibly hydrated and soft and left no excess residue of shine whatsoever, everything I look for in a moisturiser to be honest. After wearing it all day, my skin still felt hydrated and well moisturised and relatively shine free. It definitely gives an improved look to the skin, everything does look a little smoother and my skintone looked more even.

Although I’m already a massive fan of Kiehls body products, particularly their deodorants, this is one of my first encounters with their facial skincare, and I must say I’m really impressed and can honestly understand why they’ve been in business since 1851! It’s a great product for anyone new to the brand as it will easily fit in as part of an existing skincare routine as an added extra rocket boost.

Kiehls Facial Fuel Transformer £27/75ml at Kiehls Online

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