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Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander Bath Cologne

Jo Loves Green Orange Coriander A Bath Cologne 1

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I wanted to create a product that looked and felt the same as pouring cologne into the bath. After two years of trying, I have finally pioneered and perfected an entirely new luxury bathing experience.

I wanted to sit writing this fresh; feeling fresh and with the Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander Bath Cologne fresh in my mind. So, I’m sat here in my bath robe and wet hair writing this.

Now, you know what a lover of Jo Loves I am; you could even say Thom loves Jo Loves and Jo’s new bath colognes are no exception. It’s a new and unique formulation that not only softens the skin and turns the water to silk, but also leaves you feeling as if you’ve applied a fresh mist of the fabulous Orange & Coriander cologne.

It took me a few moments to work out how much to pour in the bath as one man’s pour liberally is another man’s pour obscenely excessively so it therefore might not be that helpful for me to advise that you’ll just know how much to use as you’re doing it; your brain should just tell you “that’s enough!” and 9/10, you’ll be spot on – you can always add a little more later.

Once in water Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander Bath Cologne emulsifies and leaves a gentle mist on the water’s surface and your bathroom, both before and after as mine does now, will be hot-boxed in a steamy haze of ripe and zested orange; fresh cut corriander as well as black pepper and oakmoss – the cologne definitely unisex and is distinctively Jo Malone.

Out of the bath, your skin feels so soft and your head and mind feel uplifted and zinged whilst your body feels calm and relaxed. You’re left fragranced for hours with the delicious notes described above and if you want to warm it up slightly, I’ve just splashed a little Jo Loves Orange Tulle on top to treat myself to a little orange flower, mandarin and sweet mint tea; but to be honest, any of the Jo Loves collection would compliment just as well.

To discover more about the Jo Loves and to hear more form the icon behind the brand, you can read my interview with Jo – When Thom Met Jo: An Interview with Jo Malone.

I’m yet to find a Jo Loves product I don’t like and you won’t be let down by Jo Loves Green Orange & Coriander Bath Cologne, available for £59/200ml here from Jo Loves.

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